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Our experienced, passionate Michigan Criminal Attorneys have Successfully Represented Clients Who Were Charged with Hundreds of Different Types of Felonies, Misdemeanors and Ordinance Violations.


Michigan criminal offenses include, but are not limited to:

  • OWI - Operating While Intoxicated First, Second or Third Offense
  • Operating While Visibly Impaired
  • OWI Causing Serious Injury or Death
  • Retail Fraud First, Second and Third Degree
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct - First, Second, Third and Fourth Degree
  • Felonious Assault/Assault with a Deadly Weapon
  • Domestic Violence First Offense (Misdemeanor), Third Degree (Felony), Aggravated Domestic Violence
  • Assault and Battery/Simple Assault
  • Aggravated Assault (Assault with an Injury)
  • Felony Firearm (Commission of a Felony with a Firearm)
  • Assault with Intent to Do Great Bodily Harm (Assault GBH)
  • Homicide (murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide)
  • PWID (Possession with Intent to Deliver) a Controlled Substance (heroin, cocaine, etc...)
  • Possession with Intent to Deliver or Manufacture of Marijuana or other Controlled Substance
  • Medical Marijuana Charges - All Marijuana Offenses (felony and misdemeanor)
  • Embezzlement
  • Larceny from a Person or Larceny from a Building
  • Armed Robbery and Unarmed Robbery
  • Bank Robbery
  • Assault with Intent to Rob While Armed or Unarmed
  • No Account Check
  • Nonsufficient Funds Check
  • Child Support Felony - Refuse or Unable to Pay
  • CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon)
  • Bookmaking
  • RICO
  • Conspiracy to Commit a Felony
  • Home Invasion First and Second Degree
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Child Abuse First, Second and Third Degree
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Arson of Real Property
  • Arson of Personal Property
  • Attempt to Commit a Felony
  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Malicious Destruction of Property
  • Escape from Jail or Prison
  • Felony Violation of Probation
  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
  • Resisting and Obstructing a Police Officer (Obstruction)
  • All Traffic Charges
  • All Misdemeanors
  • All Felonies
  • All Ordinance Violation
  • All Attempted Felony and Misdemeanor Charges
  • State and Federal Charges
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