Oakland County Domestic Violence Charges

Dealing with domestic violence charges in Oakland County is challenging and upsetting. You can take steps to improve your situation and possibly avoid a conviction and sentence to jail.

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Oakland County Judges and Prosecutors Have a Stacked Deck

If you are charged with or accused of domestic violence in Oakland County, you might already know that you face a system biased against you. Despite good intentions, the criminal justice system can sometimes be overzealous in prosecuting those accused of domestic violence. Lawyers experienced in this jurisdiction understand that it takes an exceptional level of advocacy and tenacious representation to get a favorable outcome.

It Could Happen To Anybody

It’s easy to start down the road towards a domestic violence conviction. A discussion turns into an argument, that argument becomes heated, and the next thing you know, the police are involved. Sometimes one party wants to hurt the other person, so they tell the police that the argument involved violence. Once that happens, the wheels of justice start to roll, and it can be hard to slow things down.

What Are Your Options?

An essential factor to consider in dealing with domestic violence charges in Michigan is the Domestic Violence First Offender Program, commonly referred to by its statutory designation, §769.4a. Under this statute, the judge may place the defendant on probation under advisement with the prosecutor’s consent. The probationary period often includes a no-contact order with the victim, educational programs, and, of course, fines and costs. Once the probation period is complete, the court will dismiss the case, and there will be no public record of conviction.

Is it a good deal? That depends. A deferred judgment and dismissal under §769.4a is a much better deal than a regular conviction. Still, it involves an admission of guilt, the hassle of probation, and the expense of all those fees, none of which are fair if you are innocent. Also, §769.4a is not a guarantee in Oakland County, and a lawyer must persuade a judge to grant that status. It is also best if the attorney persuades the prosecutor not to oppose a deferred judgment. The prosecutor’s office has substantial influence over circuit and district court judges. Only the most influential lawyers stand a chance of getting these judges to be cooperative.

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As you can see, the issues that arise during domestic violence criminal proceedings in Oakland County are complicated. That is why it is vital to find an attorney you can trust who has the experience, wisdom, and compassion to find the best possible result.

The prosecution is stacked against you. It’s only fair that you hire an excellent team of lawyers to level the playing field. Why is a team of lawyers better than a solo practitioner? Criminal defense attorneys are notorious for sending substitute counsel to cover their cases when they have court conflicts. Lawyers frequently have multiple hearings set for the same day and cannot be everywhere at once. A solo practitioner’s client might arrive in court only to find out that they have a lawyer they’ve never met and who knows little about them and their case. With a law firm, the client is represented by all attorneys, and each lawyer is intimately familiar with the client and their situation. With LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., a client never has to worry about a substitute counsel or an attorney who is unfamiliar with their case. Additionally, a team of criminal defense lawyers working in unison and collaborating on their cases can outthink and outperform a single lawyer in almost every situation.

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