Have You Received a Traffic Ticket in Michigan? What is Next?

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Driving privileges are extremely important in Michigan because there is limited public transportation. Most traffic tickets in Michigan have points that are assessed against your driving record. If you receive enough points you will have your driving privileges suspended because of an unsatisfactory driving record. There are also substantial penalties if you are caught driving while your license is suspended. A single traffic violation can raise your insurance rates for years and have other effects on your life. There is no reason to accept points and an experienced lawyer can help you keep a ticket off your record.

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If you receive a traffic citation there are procedural issues that will arise that you must be aware of – things like time deadlines and hearing requests. It can be really confusing for someone that is not familiar with the court system. That is why it is important that you have expert legal representation in order to protect your privilege to drive in Michigan. The loss of driving privileges, points or moving violations can cause serious economic harm to you and your loved ones. The lawyers at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. are experts in protecting driving privileges. Our attorneys regularly appear in traffic courts across the State of Michigan. We have been able to protect driving privileges in some of the most difficult cases.

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What if you are innocent of the traffic offense?

There may be a reason to “fight” the traffic offense. We can assess the viability of any defense and determine if conducting a hearing may be beneficial.

What if you are guilty of the offense?

We can still help! City attorneys generally have no interest in increasing the revenue of insurance companies. A good attorney, with a persuasive and credible approach, can often negotiate a resolution to reduce or eliminate points and keep an offense entirely off your driving record.

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