Michigan libraries cannot ban weapons.

In a recent 2 to1 decision of the Michigan Court of Appeals, the court has said that it is up to the state to regulate matters regarding firearms, not local governments. The appeal court further stated “Allowing local governments to regulate firearms could lead to an unworkable patchwork of different rules around the state.” 


Members of Michigan Open Carry began openly carrying weapons at the Capital Area District Library in Lansing. Several members refused to leave when asked. The Lansing police refused to remove them without a court order. The library currently has a policy that bans weapons. 


There are state laws that ban weapons from banks, hospitals, schools, and churches, however not libraries. The Ingham County Circuit Court upheld the library’s weapon ban, but the Court of Appeals stated that the policy exceeds the library’s authority. There is currently a bill before the Legislature to add libraries to the list of places where weapons cannot be carried.