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Failure is not an option because if you lose a Motion to Set Aside Conviction, you cannot file again for three years and might never be able to turn things around. It is best to get it done right the first time.

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The Expungement Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. helped a client get a fresh start in life today. A second chance at having no criminal history. One of our firm’s specialties is handling expungement motions, AKA Motion to Set Aside Conviction. Many aspects of a criminal defense attorney’s job are fulfilling and rewarding, but assisting clients clear felonies and misdemeanors from their record is undoubtedly a highlight. Whether our clients are charged with a felony or a misdemeanor or are attempting to clear a former transgression from their criminal history, there is no greater pleasure than helping a client move past traumatic times in their lives.

Felony and Misdemeanor Motion to Set Aside Convictions

Today, we appeared for a hearing with our client in Macomb County Circuit Court for a Motion to Set Aside Convictions. Lawyers consider the presiding judge one of the community’s toughest jurists. As in Oakland County and Washtenaw County, there are always one or two stern judges with a reputation for being aligned with the prosecution. Our client was convicted of a financial felony offense and still owed the victim considerable restitution (well over $100,000). He had signed a consent judgment and was faithfully making payments. Still, there was a legitimate concern that if the judge set aside his conviction, our client might attempt to get out of paying the remaining restitution payments. The prosecutor argued against the motion, although the Attorney General’s office had no objection.

A Success Story

Our client’s life was a true success story. Although he made a major mistake when he was younger, we argued that a moment in time could not define a person’s character. Although his transgression was severe, it was an aberration in his life. As evidence, we provided a first-class, highly persuasive petition with multiple exhibits demonstrating how his life had completely turned around. For example, he worked in a high-level position with an automotive company, volunteered in various charitable endeavors, was happily married with four children, and had no further contact with law enforcement whatsoever. He is truly a model citizen and a significant asset to his community.

There was a serious risk of impending harm to my client and his family if we lost the Motion to Set Aside Convictions. The stakes were high. As successful as our client had been at work, his employment contract was project-based, and it was coming to an end. He was offered a lucrative position with a new employer, but he knew that a background check would sabotage his application. The expungement motion was a “must-win!

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A Team Effort to Win a Motion to Set Aside Conviction

The team of lawyers with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. got together, as we always do, and brainstormed the case to prepare the most compelling argument. When losing is not an option, as is frequently the case for our clients, we pull out all stops to obtain a victory. We are very proud that our expungement attorneys won the motion, and our client is now free to pursue his dream career. He said to us after the hearing, “I am forever indebted to you and your firm.” When someone asks us, and they frequently do, how can you be a criminal defense attorney? This case is one of many examples of why we are proud to be among Michigan’s top criminal defense lawyers.

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