Police Out of Control Mace 8 Year Old Child

Police in Denver Colorado resort to pepper spray when confronted with a misbehaving 8-year-old child. You Aidan Elliot was having a bad day in school and could not be controlled by school staff. The police were called. Aidan addressed the police with foul language and the boy threatened police with a 1 food long piece of wood. The police, desensitized to violence and used to using excessive force, didn’t hesitate to direct several sprays of mace at Aidan’s head. The boy attempted to shield himself with a cardboard box but was blasted in the side of the head and taken into custody. Of course, police officials do not feel that there was anything inappropriate with regard to how the officers handled the situation. 

At Lewis & Dickstein, PLLC, we often see cases in Michigan where excessive force is used to make an arrest. Often times the officers charge a defendant with Resisting and Obstructing the Police or other similar offenses to try and shield themselves from civil or criminal liability. The criminal defense attorneys with Lewis & Dickstein, PLLC, take great pride in aggressively confronting overreaching police and government law enforcement so that our clients find justice in court and the government is held accountable for violations of any civil rights.