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The only thing that precedes a lawyer into the courtroom is his or her reputation. Judges and prosecutors exercise a considerable amount of discretion and a lawyer’s ability to be persuasive is critical. A reputation for being a strong and ethical advocate is often the single thing that leads to an extraordinary outcome.

A Great Lawyer Has Renowned Integrity and Character

Judges look to lawyers for guidance, the law, and an understanding of the facts. A lawyer known for his or her character and integrity will rule the day.”— Loren Dickstein


Judges have difficult jobs and in criminal cases, their rulings and orders deeply impact the lives of defendants, victims and each of their families. While there are bad and careless judges, most are thoughtful and at least attempt to make rulings that are consistent with the law and based on the facts of a case. How does a judge decide if he believes the defense lawyer or the prosecutor regarding the law or the facts of the case? This question is important because the resolution of these disputes frequently hinges on a judge’s understanding of the facts and legal issues. The lawyer with the most credibility and who can most persuasively argue a case has the best chance of winning.

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How Criminal Charges Get Dismissed

Few lawyers routinely achieve outright dismissals for clients in felony and misdemeanor cases.

Why do some lawyers consistently achieve extraordinary results? The answer is reputation. Prosecutors and defense lawyers spend great time and energy in bargaining and negotiating potential resolutions to cases. The vast majority of criminal charges resolve with plea bargains or dismissals, as opposed to jury trials. In any negotiation, an advocate’s persuasiveness depends on his or her credibility. For example, lawyers who routinely manipulate clients into entering pleas or who are notorious for making exaggerated or false statements, have low credibility. On the other hand, attorneys who are known for fighting cases and truthfully representing the strength of defense evidence, make powerful and effective advocates. The best hope of getting charges dismissed is when a prosecutor believes he or she cannot win a case or learns of a defendant’s likely innocence.

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Why is having a reputable attorney for criminal defense best for the client?

In addition to being the most likely to achieve a favorable outcome, the client is best served by an attorney who is honorable and fair. Let’s face it, when someone is charged with a crime, he or she is vulnerable and in need of help. This is a prime opportunity for a disreputable lawyer to take advantage. The conduct of lawyers in Michigan are governed by a set of ethical rules called the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct. These rules prohibit certain improper conduct including charging exorbitant legal fees or making promises and guarantees. If a lawyer makes a promise or guarantee regarding getting charges dismissed or avoiding jail time, these assertions are strictly unethical and, in fact, fraudulent. The truth is that no lawyer can truthfully guarantee any particular outcome. While lawyers may be confident in their abilities, they should be truthful and realistic with a potential client regarding their case and the possible outcomes.

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