What do you look for if you want to find the best criminal defense attorney the best OWI attorney or the best domestic violence attorney

What do you look for if you want to find –

·      the best criminal defense attorney,

·      the best OWI attorney,

·      the best domestic violence attorney,

·      the best Oakland County attorney, or

·      the best Macomb County attorney?


If you are in search of the best criminal defense attorney for you, you should think about the following guidelines:


1.    A lawyer with a great reputation with other attorneys. A great way to discover what other lawyers think about a criminal defense attorney is to go to www.avvo.com and look for a lawyer who has outstanding reviews and endorsements by other attorneys in the community.

2.    A lawyer who’s prior clients would highly recommend him or her. Again, www.avvo.com may be the best reference for this qualification as well. An attorneys can go onto that website and post unedited reviews describing their experiences with an attorney.

3.    A lawyer who has never been disciplined or reprimanded by the State Bar of Michigan. In other words, you only want to work with a criminal defense lawyer who meets the highest possible ethical standards. You can learn about whether a lawyer has ever been disciplined by contact the State Bar of Michigan or by looking on Avvo.

4.    You want to personally interview any criminal defense lawyer before you decide to hire him or her. During the interview, discuss the following topics and consider the following factors:

a.    Whether the lawyer promptly returns phone calls.

b.    Whether the lawyer will patiently discuss the issues in the case without rushing or being condescending.

c.    Whether the lawyer has a winning and confident attitude and demeanor.

d.    Whether the lawyer is extremely knowledgeable about your charges, how to deal with them and what your options may be.

e.    That the lawyer has his or her own office and is not working out of someone else’s office or out of their car. Never meet with an attorney at any location other than his or her office. You want to see that the attorney is successful and professional. An attorney with a call center (as opposed to a live receptionist) or that primarily uses a cell phone for business purposes is probably not very successful in his or her practice.

f.      You want to determine if the lawyer is passionate and zealous and seems to have chemistry with you.

g.    The most experienced and respectable criminal defense attorneys charge by flat fee as opposed to an hourly fee. If a lawyer insists on cash or does not use a detailed, written fee agreement, you need to find someone else.

h.    The only way to judge the preceding factors is to meet with the attorney in person and look into their eyes.

5.    Use Google. By searching for information regarding a lawyer on www.google.com, you can find out a host of helpful information. Look for a lawyer who is a criminal defense specialist. In other words, find a lawyer who does nothing other than criminal case (including OWI, retail fraud, domestic violence, felonies and misdemeanors). Lawyers who handle criminal cases in addition to other types of cases (divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury, etc…) should be avoided. If you needed heart surgery, would you want a heart specialist or a general practice doctor?


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