White Collar Crime – New Department of Justice Memo

The Department of Justice Has Issued a Memorandum Regarding White Collar Crime

The new focus is to be individuals and not corporations.

White_Collar_Crime_Defense_in_MichiganOn September 9, 2015, the Department of Justice issued a memorandum stating new guidelines for prosecuting white collar crimes. The intent is to encourage more white collar criminal and civil cases against corporate executives and not the corporations themselves.

The Justice Department had faced criticism over its negotiating settlements with the corporations and not prosecuting individuals for financial misconduct.

The new guidelines mandate that corporations must turn over evidence of wrongdoing against individuals if it wants credit for cooperating with the government.  Additionally, Department of Justice criminal and civil lawyers are directed to work together and that all corporate investigations must being with a focus on individuals. Generally, there can be no corporate settlement made that would protect individuals from either criminal or civil liability.

Being Investigated for White Collar Crime?

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