New Restitution Rules in Michigan

You need a great criminal defense attorney in Michigan to help you because courts are now free to impose orders requiring the defendant to pay far more in restitution than the value of the loss they caused. Without a proactive and intelligent defense, you could wind up owing the government for the cost of your prosecution.

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Late last year, the Michigan Court of Appeals decided the case of People v Gaines.  The Court of Appeals was asked to determine if a criminal defendant could be charged restitution for the cost of investigating and prosecuting him. The restitution statute allows for restitution to a “governmental entity. . .that suffers direct physical or financial harm as a result of the crime.”  In the past, courts have decided anything that constituted direct financial harm could be the subject of restitution.

An example is money used by the narcotics agents to buy drugs.  The court in Gaines decided that costs for the investigation of crime, such as salaries and equipment, would occur whether the defendant committed a crime or not and therefore, could not be part of a restitution order.

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