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Dedicated to the defense of those charged with felony and misdemeanor theft, embezzlement, and property crimes. Through decades of experience, we have formulated strategies and defenses to these types of charges that are unparalleled by any other defense lawyers in Southeastern Michigan.

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A Strong Pre-Charge Defense

If you have not been charged yet but have been accused of a property or theft-related crime, now is the time to begin building a strong defense, to have great criminal defense lawyers run interference, and to take mitigating measures to avoid or reduce potential criminal charges. For decades, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has handed countless cases on a pre-charge basis and helped clients avoid criminal charges and convictions that seemed like they were unavoidable. Even in cases where the evidence is overwhelming or there is a confession, we can frequently find pre-charge resolutions or take measures to avoid prosecution on what would otherwise be more serious charges.

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Private Forensic and Accounting Investigations

Many property and theft crimes involve complex accounting or computer evidence. Our criminal defense team works with Michigan’s top experts in these areas and we have found creative, effective ways of defending highly complex allegations of money mismanagement and embezzlement offenses. Even in highly publicized cases of fraud on a public or governmental basis, we have worked with clients to avoid convictions and jail time.

Personalized, Attentive Service by Top Criminal Defense Attorneys

There is no more stressful time than when a person is charged with a criminal offense. When your livelihood, professional license, income, and assets are on the line, the stress level can go through the roof and even the strongest families can be torn apart. By having top criminal defense lawyers on the front-line, fighting to protect you, you can have the peace of mind knowing that everything possible is being done to help you. While other lawyers do not return calls, refuse to meet with their clients, or do not take the time to meaningfully listen to the client’s concerns, the theft crimes attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. will not neglect you. We will take whatever time is necessary to fully understand you and your case so that we can be as effective as possible. We will leave no stone unturned.

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Winning Trial Strategies and Favorable Plea Bargains

There are many unique aspects to LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. which has made it one of Michigan’s premier criminal defense law firms. Our tried and true team approach to developing defense strategies has resulted in plea bargains and trial results that are unobtainable by most other lawyers. Instead of getting one lawyer, we focus the attention of the entire firm on each client, his or her case, and the desired outcome.

We are not “plea lawyers.” We are trial lawyers…litigators. This being said, most cases do not go to trial and end up resolving in some type of plea bargain, sentence bargain, or dismissal. By having widely regarded reputations as highly effective trial lawyers, prosecutors and judges take extra measures to resolve our cases. A lawyer who is known for manipulating his clients into entering a plea or being afraid to take a case to trial will undoubtedly not be offered any favorable plea resolutions or sentence bargains. When a lawyer is a credible threat and is not afraid to fight a case, seemingly unobtainable resolutions to cases become possible.

When a client is wrongfully charged and there is no alternative but a bench or jury trial, we are ready, willing, and more than capable of achieving an acquittal of all charges when possible. Our unique team approach is applied to every case that goes to trial. We work together to formulate the most effective attack on the government’s evidence and witnesses. Additionally, we will work together with the client to formulate a winning strategy with defense witnesses, evidence, and experts when appropriate. We are not afraid to win!

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Avoiding Jail or Prison and Repayment of Excessive Restitution

While it may seem like property crimes would be treated more lightly by judges, the opposite is usually true. Consider for example that assaulting someone and causing a serious injury (aggravated assault) is a one-year misdemeanor while passing a bad check (uttering and publishing) is a felony punishable by up to 14 years. The fact is that many unsuspecting people accept the representation of a court-appointed lawyer, general practice attorney, or budget lawyer and then realize the tragic consequences of the decision when they are surprised to be taken into custody or sentenced to overwhelming terms and conditions of probation.

For LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., no case is over until we have gotten our client’s every possible advantage, including the best possible sentence. We are mindful that the terms and conditions of probation, including fines, costs, and restitution, have to be minimized to give the client his best chance of successful completion. We will take the time to develop a highly compelling and persuasive sentencing argument and convince the judge to order a favorable sentence. When jail or prison is being contemplated, we will fight to help you avoid incarceration or minimize any potential sentence when it cannot be avoided.

Complainants in theft crimes, especially embezzlement charges, often try to profiteer from criminal charges. They will overstate or sometimes even falsify losses in an effort to maximize an award of restitution. We will not allow an alleged victim to take financial advantage of our clients and we will fight any attempt to unfairly take our client and their family’s assets.

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If you are charged with a property, financial or theft-related offense, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. stands ready to provide you the best defense possible. Our team will dedicate every resource we have at our disposal to obtain the optimal result for you. We will protect and fight for your rights when no one else is willing or able to do so.

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