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At LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., we provide strong and aggressive defense for people who have been charged with or accused of committing a misdemeanor or felony in Michigan. Many of our clients who are arrested are confused about their rights. An arrest can be a very frightening experience. A proficient defense attorney, who understands the criminal justice system, can help you deal with the legal system, work through your legal trouble, and achieve an extraordinary result.

The Experience and Dedication to Win

With decades of experience successfully fighting for our clients throughout Michigan, we have the experience to aggressively negotiate with prosecutors and find the weaknesses in the case against our clients. We have a deep familiarity with the methods of gathering evidence and preparing a case on both sides of a prosecution. We are able to see a problem from many angles and move forward with confidence. Because of our reputation as being some of the most effective criminal lawyers in the area, we present a credible threat to the prosecutor’s case, and we are often able to negotiate resolutions that many other lawyers simply would not be able to achieve. Our highest priority is to obtain a full dismissal of all charges if possible.

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Felony or Misdemeanor – We Will Find a Way to Help You

We defend and protect clients who have been arrested, charged or think they might be charged with any type of crime. Our practice includes helping clients with matters of DUI-OWI (drunk driving), drug offenses, violent or assaultive crimes, domestic violence, sex offenses, white-collar crime, juvenile offenses, theft offenses, appeals, misdemeanor charges, felony charges and more. We represent clients in both state circuit and district courts and federal courts (United States District Court).

We Can Protect You and Your Family

A criminal conviction can have a serious impact on you, your family, your employment, your reputation, your financial stability, and much more. Protect yourself by choosing a Michigan criminal defense lawyer with the strength and background to fight for your rights successfully.

A Team Approach is Best

Providing the best possible service for our clients is important to us. While many criminal defense attorneys have a “one-man” or “one-woman” operation, we offer a true “team” approach to our cases that maximizes the client’s chances of achieving the best possible result. We offer a free initial consultation, and our clients can get in touch with us twenty four hours a day in case of emergency. In some cases, acting quickly can avoid a potentially difficult situation. We work discreetly, but aggressively to help our clients resolve their criminal law problems.



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