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As Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys, our job is to defend people accused of state and federal criminal offenses. We are passionate about criminal defense work and take pride in providing our clients with the highest possible level of protection and defense. Our unparalleled track record of success has earned us the reputation of being Michigan’s premier criminal defense law firm.

The police occasionally target innocent people and wrongfully believe they are guilty of a crime. Sometimes, well-intentioned police officers make mistakes. On the other hand, other officers may not be well-intentioned, and prejudice or some illicit personal issue might motivate them. Either way, innocent people are not just accused; police officers sometimes target them. When police jump to conclusions and focus on an innocent individual, they perceive or twist innocent actions into evidence of guilt. When the individual makes an honest, innocent statement, the officers contort the statement into an unwitting confession.

As premier Michigan criminal defense lawyers, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that innocent people are not wrongfully convicted. We will do everything possible to expose and nullify a prosecutor’s efforts to convict an innocent person.

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Why Choose Michigan’s Premier Criminal Defense Over Other Law Firms?

The team of criminal defense attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. proudly says that our law firm is Michigan’s premier criminal defense law firm. We consistently get better results for our clients than competing criminal defense attorneys, and we are often able to help clients avoid jail and prison, even when other attorneys would not be able to achieve the same result.

Personalized Approach

At LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., we understand that facing criminal charges is one of the most stressful and daunting experiences that a person can go through. The stakes are high, and there is no room for errors. That’s why we take a personalized approach to every case we handle, tailoring our strategy to the unique circumstances of each client’s case.

Track Record of Success

Our crew of experienced and highly skilled criminal defense attorneys has a track record of success that speaks for itself. We have successfully defended clients facing a wide range of criminal charges, including but not limited to drug crimes, sex crimes, white-collar crimes, and violent crimes. We have also successfully represented clients in high-profile cases, including those that garnered national media attention.

Thorough Investigation of the Defense

Our attorneys and staff are committed to thoroughly investigating every aspect of our client’s cases. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of justice for our clients and work tirelessly to build the strongest possible defense on their behalf. The lawyers with our firm are also highly skilled negotiators, and we can often reach favorable plea deals for our clients that other attorneys could not achieve. However, if a trial is necessary, we will aggressively and effectively litigate and fight tirelessly to protect our client’s rights and freedom.

A Commitment to Excellence

At LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., we are proud to have earned a reputation as Michigan’s premier criminal defense law firm. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of representation and support, and we will do everything in our power to help them achieve the best possible outcome in their case. If you are facing criminal charges, the stakes are high, and you need the best possible defense, contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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The Government Overcharges Defendants With the Plan to Coerce Them into Pleading Guilty

People who’ve made a mistake or committed a crime are frequently “overcharged” or prosecuted more harshly than necessary. For example, maybe someone got into a fight, but instead of being charged with a misdemeanor for public fighting, they’re accused of a felony assault even though they were unarmed. Other routinely overcharged offenses include domestic violence, retail fraud, drug possession, and many more. Perhaps the client is guilty somehow, but his intentions are misunderstood or misinterpreted. Finally, there are cases where judges or prosecutors target someone for a severe jail sentence or prison that is unjustified based on the case’s circumstances, or that person’s otherwise exemplary life.

At our criminal defense law firm, we are acutely aware of the distressing and often unjust circumstances surrounding overcharging by prosecutors. When you entrust us with your case, our dedicated team delves deep into the specifics, meticulously scrutinizing every aspect of the charges brought against you. We understand that overcharging can be a tactic used to pressure defendants into accepting plea deals that are not in their best interest. Our approach is to aggressively challenge such overzealous prosecutions, using our extensive legal knowledge and experience to identify weaknesses and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case.

The attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. advocate tirelessly for the dismissal or reduction of charges that do not align with the actual circumstances of the alleged offense. Our commitment is to defend your legal rights and ensure that justice is served, preventing the legal system’s misuse from impacting your life and future. Through comprehensive legal strategies, skilled negotiation, and, when necessary, vigorous courtroom advocacy, we strive to secure the most favorable outcome for each of our clients, standing as a bulwark against the unfair practice of overcharging.

Our Premier Criminal Defense Attorneys Will Protect You When No One Else Can or Will

In today’s society, a pervasive belief holds that “criminals have too many rights,” casting a shadow on the foundational principles of the United States Constitution. There’s a growing sentiment that these constitutional protections should not extend to those accused or convicted of crimes. This mindset has even seeped into the attitudes of some in our legal system, where mere association with an accused or convicted individual can seemingly diminish one’s constitutional rights. However, this perspective overlooks a fundamental truth: the Constitution is designed to safeguard the rights of every individual, regardless of their legal status. Its protections are not selective but universal, ensuring justice and fairness for all.

At LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., our experienced criminal defense attorneys are deeply committed to this principle! We rigorously defend our clients’ constitutional rights, understanding that if these rights are compromised for some, they are endangered for all. Our approach is thorough and relentless; we meticulously explore every avenue and challenge every assumption in our pursuit of justice. We stand firm in our belief that a robust defense is not only a service to our clients but a cornerstone of maintaining the integrity and fairness of our legal system.

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We Can Protect and Defend You!

We know you want someone who will represent you as they would their family member. The care and dedication you will get from LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., Michigan’s Premier Criminal Defense Law Firm, is unmatched. Our team of dedicated, zealous defense lawyers is known and respected in courts throughout Michigan. Call us for a free consultation when there is no room for errors and false promises. We will find a way to help you. When you work with our firm, you can expect the following from us:

  • Extensive legal knowledge
  • Experience in criminal defense
  • Strong courtroom presence
  • Exceptional negotiation skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to clients
  • Integrity and ethical practice
  • Confidentiality and discretion
  • Effective communication skills
  • Persistence and resilience
  • Ability to handle high-pressure situations
  • Resourcefulness in legal research
  • A strong network of professional contacts
  • Passion for justice and fairness

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