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Conspiracy Defense Attorney in Michigan

It takes a smart and experienced criminal defense attorney to understand conspiracy law and to show a conspiracy did not exist in a given case. Conspiracies are commonly charged when two or more defendants are charged with the same unlawful event, and many times are charged merely to enable the prosecutor to have a no-lose plea bargain built into the case. The prosecutor gets a plea of guilty as charged to the principal offense and agrees to dismiss the conspiracy charge, as opposed to being in the position of deciding whether to plead down a single charge to resolve the case. This is patently unfair, and the criminal defense attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. spot this ploy a mile away. We attack the validity of a conspiracy charge head-on, to show the conspiracy charge has no foundation, hopefully obtaining a dismissal of the charge. Then we attack the main charge.

What is the definition of Conspiracy?

A conspiracy is where two or more persons plan and agree to commit an illegal act or plan and agree to perform a legal act in an illegal manner. Conspiracy is the agreement, not the doing. As long as the agreement is made, the crime is complete. Michigan does not require anything more to be done. The agreement and plan itself is the crime.

What does “commit a legal act in an illegal manner” mean?

An example of committing a legal act in an illegal manner would be if two or more people, let’s say a husband and wife, go to a car dealership and plan to obtain a new car. They go through all the dealership’s legal processes, as usual, sign all the paperwork, submit everything they must according to all the rules of buying a car, and everything is fine and legal. Then, they pay for the car with counterfeit money. It is legal to buy a car. It is not legal to pay for it with counterfeit money.

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What are the penalties for Conspiracy?

The penalties for Conspiracy are stiff. One reason the law is so harsh with conspiracy convictions can be summed up in two words: peer pressure. The law assumes that if two or more people agree to commit a crime, it is more likely the offense will be committed. None of the conspiracy members will want to look weak or like a coward in front of the others by backing out. If an individual intends to commit a crime and no one else knows, he or she can change their mind without worrying about what anyone else thinks, and it is easy to back out of the plan.

An important thing to remember about conspiracy cases is that if a person is convicted of an offense and is also convicted of conspiring to commit it, he or she may be sentenced consecutively, meaning the conspiracy sentence begins after the main sentence on the main charge is served. In most criminal cases, where several offenses arising out of a single transaction lead to convictions, the sentences are served concurrently, meaning at the same time.

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Specifically, the penalties for Conspiracy are as follows:

  • If the crime planned carries a penalty of 1 year in jail or more, the penalty is the same as the crime they planned to commit, plus a possible $10,000.00 fine. As an example, if two or more people conspire to steal a car, a 5-year felony, the conspiracy to commit this crime also carries a 5-year penalty. And again, the sentences are consecutive.
  • If the crime planned carries a penalty of less than one year, the penalty is one year in jail and a $1,000.00 fine.
  • Conspiracy to commit a legal act in an illegal manner carries a 5-year prison sentence, and a $10,000.00 fine.

It would be best if you had a smart, savvy, fearless, highly experienced criminal defense attorney at the earliest stage of a case.

If you face a conspiracy charge, there is hope for you. However, it is critically important to have the best possible criminal defense attorney with you from the start. The expert and astute defense attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. know that the government’s typical ploy in conspiracy cases is to try to get one of the alleged conspirators to “flip” on the others. You need an attorney who is acutely aware of this government strategy who can decide if it is appropriate to coordinate a defensive strategy among the co-defendants to head-off and prevent this maneuver. In other cases, an attorney can discredit a cooperating co-defendant so that his or her testimony loses credibility.

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