Domestic Abuse Attorneys Michigan

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

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Domestic violence cases are highly sensitive with many moving parts. Pleading guilty to domestic violence charges will impact your career, marriage, child custody, immigration status (for non-citizens), and potentially your freedom. To avoid having a violent crime on your record, it is imperative that you hire domestic violence defense attorneys the moment an allegation is made against you.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor domestic violence first offense charge or a domestic violence third offense felony charge, you need an aggressive and experienced team of attorneys to answer your questions and see you through the process. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN P.L.L.C. is an award-winning law firm in the State of Michigan who have helped thousands of clients craft a strategic defense for domestic violence-related allegations, resulting in lesser sentences, dropped charges and acquittals at trial.

What if I’m innocent?

In many cases of domestic violence, there are many versions of a story. An experienced attorney who has experience representing clients charged with domestic violence understands that in some cases, a client is wrongly accused. Granting every client the benefit of the doubt, we listen to the facts of your story with empathy, respect, and open-mindedness. In some cases, the accuser is lying or the accused was merely acting in self-defense. If there is a way to get your charges dismissed or reduced, the team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can help.

What consequences do I face with a guilty verdict?

Under Michigan Penal Code 750.81, a first time offender faces a maximum penalty of up to 93 days in jail, a fine of $500 and up to 2 years of probation with various terms and conditions. A second offense misdemeanor charge carries with it up to a year in jail, a fine of $1,000 and up to 2 years probation. Once a demonstrated pattern is established in a third offense, you are looking at a felony, which is punishable by up to 5 years in prison, up to 5 years on probation, and a fine up to $5,000. Jail time and fines aside, you will face devastating loss in terms of future employability. Because of the long-term effects that a domestic violence charge has on one’s life, it is imperative that you enlist the help of Michigan’s toughest attorney teams, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN P.L.L.C. With our help, clients have received lesser punishments, including anger management or community service instead of jail time. In a multitude of cases, we have gotten domestic violence charges completely dismissed.

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I’ve been charged with domestic violence in Michigan. . . Now what?

Before pleading guilty or not guilty, it is vital that you proceed with reputable, experienced legal representation. How you plead can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. IF you are accused of domestic violence and not yet charge, we may be able to help you avoid charges and being arrested. Before proceeding any further, you must enlist the help of one of Michigan’s finest law firms, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN P.L.L.C. Call us today for a free consultation at (248) 263-6800 or complete a Request for Assistance Form and an attorney will promptly contact you.






Domestic Violence Attorney in Bloomfield Hills Michigan

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Domestic violence defense lawyers with an unparalleled track record of successful representation of clients in the 48th District Court in Bloomfield Hills. When the result matters and there is no room for error, we can help you.

Domestic violence charges are serious and can impact everything from your financial, employment, and family situation. If you are currently facing domestic violence charges in the state of Michigan, you need the help of an experienced, reputable, and aggressive legal team who knows the domestic violence laws inside and out and will use their knowledge and experience to fight for your freedom, reputation, livelihood and family.

Finding the Right Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Near Me

Before enlisting the help of an experienced legal team, we recommend researching Michigan domestic abuse defense lawyers by reviewing past cases and by reading client testimonials. After an initial consultation, ask yourself how comfortable you are in sharing personal information with a lawyer you are considering hiring. After checking an attorney’s credentials and reputation, do some research to figure out if the lawyer has experience handling domestic violence cases similar to your own. When representing clients facing similar charges, what outcome is typical for clients under their care? After thoroughly looking into the firm, their attorneys and reputation, you can feel more confident with your choice in representation.

Domestic Violence Attorney in Bloomfield Hills

Consequences for Not Hiring Reputable and Experienced Legal Counsel

Unfortunately, some individuals will hire the lowest bidder rather than hire an experienced attorney in an effort to save money. It is not uncommon for even first time offenders to receive jail time for a conviction and the indirect consequences of a conviction can be life altering. Probation, drug and alcohol testing, therapy, anger management courses and community service is also quite common. As part of your sentence, if you are convicted, you will likely be required to report to a probation officer on a regular basis, which is more annoying than difficult. Perhaps worst of all, a conviction can cause you to lose your job or cost you a promotion if you work in certain industries, which will have devastating effects on you and your family. You do not have the luxury of choosing inexperienced or budget lawyers if the result of the case matters!

48th District Court in Bloomfield Hills

The Bloomfield Hills District Court is located at 4280 Telegraph Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302. The court has jurisdiction over any misdemeanor that allegedly occurs in any of the following jurisdictions:

  • Charter Township of Bloomfield
  • Charter Township of West Bloomfield
  • City of Birmingham
  • City of Bloomfield Hills
  • City of Keego Harbor
  • City of Orchard Lake Village
  • City of Sylvan Lake

LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. is on your side!

LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. is one of the most sought after legal firms because of their experience with domestic violence or domestic abuse defense, thorough understanding of domestic abuse laws in the state. If you are searching for a domestic violence attorney in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, look no further. Our attorneys have represented clients in the 48th District Court for many years and have longstanding relationships with the judges and prosecutors in the court. We will work tirelessly to fight for your freedom!


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Domestic Violence Attorney Rochester Hills Michigan

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Unfortunately, many individuals are quick to cast judgment in domestic violence cases. The attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have represented countless individuals facing domestic violence charges over the last several decades and realize that there are many sides to one single story. With our in-depth knowledge of Michigan law and years of experience representing clients facing similar charges, we will work to drop domestic violence charges.

Domestic Violence Attorney Rochester Hills Michigan

Self-Defense and Different Versions of Truth

The state of Michigan defines domestic violence as a pattern of behavior that involves one member of the household using physical, sexual, and emotional abuse to control another person against another family member. While we most often hear about domestic violence in cases of husband acting out against a wife, Michigan law extends to include any member of the family harming another. Kidnapping, attempted murder, extortion, assault, and arson all fall under the umbrella of domestic violence. Because the definition is so broad, there is much room for interpretation, and too often individuals falsely accuse an innocent partner or family member.

LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has represented countless clients facing domestic violence charges based off of accusations that have been exaggerated or that have been completely fabricated. We exhaust all of our resources to make sure these charges are dropped altogether or resolved in a way that does not significantly impact our client’s lives, careers and reputations.

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills

Jail Time and Fines Do Not Help Individuals Heal or Rehabilitate

Clients who have engaged in destructive behaviors almost always have done so because of underlying issues they have not yet addressed. After a plea or conviction, courts will mandate extensive anger management or other counseling that is not effective. These programs are also quite expensive, and the accused is required to pay for the program. In most cases, we can help clients find a less expensive, shorter and more effective program that the court will accept, if therapy is necessary. We firmly believe that jail and prison time do not help families heal from the effects of domestic violence. For this reason, we fight tirelessly to protect our clients’ freedom and help them progress.

District Court in Rochester Hills, Michigan

The 52nd District Court, 3rd Division located in the City of Rochester Hills, serves the following communities:

  • Addison Township
  • Auburn Hills
  • Lake Angelus
  • Oakland Township
  • Orion Township
  • Oxford Township
  • Rochester
  • Rochester Hills
  • Village of Lake Orion
  • Village of Leonard
  • Village of Oxford

Choose a Seasoned Domestic Violence Attorney

The team of domestic violence defense lawyers with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have represented countless individuals in the 52-3 District Court and have positive relationships with the judges and prosecutors in this court.

Too many individuals do not understand how a top criminal defense attorney can make the difference between an average outcome and an extraordinary outcome. Hiring an experienced legal team could make the difference between a conviction and jail time versus freedom or a dismissal.

Call us today at (248) 263-6800 for a free consultation or complete a Request for Assistance Form and we will promptly contact you.

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Domestic Abuse Attorneys Michigan

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Domestic Violence Attorney in Michigan – Standing Up for You

When someone accuses you of a crime it is serious business. There are a lot of lawyers that practice criminal law, but if you want one of the best domestic abuse attorneys Michigan has to offer, then you need look no further than right here at Lewis and Dickstein. Even the accusation of domestic abuse can be a specter that lingers in a person’s life for years. You need the best defense that money can buy, and that is exactly what you get at Lewis and Dickstein. We have been providing the highest possible level of domestic violence criminal defense in the Michigan area for decades which means that we have the experience and track record of success that others do not.

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Domestic Abuse Attorneys MichiganCriminal defense is a field where it pays to have someone known for being a fighter in court and an expert in the defense of misdemeanor and felony domestic violence allegations. Laws can be extremely varied between different areas of practice, and you do not want to run the risk of hiring an inexperienced lawyer or a general practice attorney that is not aware of the most recent developments. You want a good, specialized attorney that has been keeping up with newest cases, laws and defense strategies. Of all the domestic abuse attorneys Michigan has, nothing describes Lewis and Dickstein, P.L.L.C. better than that. We keep apprised on all of the new cases and developments that matter for your case, and we go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best possible outcome in court.

We Are The Experienced Domestic Abuse Attorneys in Michigan

In today’s world, too many people are willing to believe that if someone is accused of a crime then they must be guilty. Unfortunately , many judges and prosecutors subscribe to this belief. At Lewis & Dickstein, P.L.L.C. we truly believe that you are innocent until proven guilty and we will stand up and fight for you when no one else can or will! We will do whatever it takes to prevent you from being convicted of an offense that can lead to loss of employment, reputation, child custody, loans, public benefits, professional license and, for non-citizens, even deportation.

We are not afraid to do what we have to in order to win a case. So if you want the best domestic abuse attorneys Michigan has available, then you just need to pick up the phone and call us for a free consultation at (248) 263-6800.


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Domestic Violence Attorney in Oakland County MI

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Oakland County Domestic Violence Lawyers with Decades of Experience Defending and Protecting Clients Charged with Alleged Spousal Abuse – A Proven Track Record of Successful Representation

Domestic Strangulation and Assault in Michigan

If you are charged with or even accused of domestic violence in Oakland County, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can help you. Even an accusation of domestic violence in Oakland County can be life changing in a tragic way. In countless cases, our firm has been hired by clients on a pre-charge basis and we have helped them avoid being criminally charged. Many allegations are outright false, exaggerated or dramatised and a great domestic violence defense lawyer will work aggressively and effectively to demonstrate to law enforcement why charges should not be authorized. If charges are filed, a top lawyer will give the client their best possible chance of avoiding a conviction and jail. In every case, obtaining a dismissal of domestic violence charges is the top priority of LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. when possible.

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What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence or domestic abuse is not what most people think. For there to be a conviction for domestic violence, there does not have to be an injury or even physical contact. If someone is charged with domestic violence in Oakland County, the prosecutor is only required to prove the following:

  • That the defendant assaulted or assaulted and battered the alleged victim (an assault doesn’t require a touching or physical contact, only the credible threat of physical contact).
  • The prosecutor must also show that the defendant generally intended to either touch the alleged victim or cause that person to reasonably fear being touched
  • If the allegation is an assault without a battery (touching), the defendant must have at least had the ability to commit a battery.
  • The alleged victim is the defendant’s spouse, former spouse, a person with a child in common with the defendant, a person who lives or lived with the defendant or someone who dated the defendant.

Effective, Affordable and Aggressive Defense of Felony and Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Accusations in Oakland County

The fact is that a domestic violence charge in Oakland County is not like a criminal charge in Wayne or Washtenaw County. These charges are prosecuted with extreme vigilance and judges in Oakland County are notorious for harsh sentences. The reason that many lawyers are afraid to practice in the Oakland County Court system is exactly the reason why LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. focuses its practice on defending cases in Oakland County, Michigan. We are not afraid to fight and win and we are not intimidated by Oakland County prosecutors and judges.

Michigan Criminal Defense Attorneys - Lewis & Dickstein PLLC

We will do whatever it takes to protect and defend our clients and ensure they get the best possible resolution to their case. Whether the client is looking for a dismissal, favorable plea bargain, a lenient sentence or an acquittal at trial, we have the experience, tenacity and skill to provide the highest possible level of representation. Call us today at (248) 263-6800 and we will be happy to take the time to hear about your case and develop a strategy to turn the tables to your advantage. Complete a Request for Assistance Form and an experienced, fearless Domestic Violence Attorney in Oakland County will promptly contact you.

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“We will find a way to help you and, most importantly,
we are not afraid to win!