Responsibilities of a Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

A Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help


When facing felony or misdemeanor criminal charges (state or federal), it is of critical importance to hire a Michigan criminal lawyer to help assist you in putting together a solid defense for your court case. Many individuals who are first time offenders try to go it alone and represent themselves, but this is not a wise decision and inevitably ends in a lifetime of regret. If you are looking into retaining or hiring a Michigan criminal lawyer but are not sure exactly what they do, here is a brief guide about their duties and responsibilities.

Every Defendant Deserves a Fair Trial and Their Rights Protected 

The greatest duty and responsibility of a Michigan criminal lawyer is to make sure that each and every client receives a fair trial, regardless of whether they are guilty or not. Everyone who is a United States citizen is guaranteed the right of a fair trial by the Constitution. The role of the criminal attorney in Michigan is to make sure that your rights are protected. Some of these lawyers work with a staff of investigators and legal assistants who are dedicated to making sure that any evidence presented against you was obtained through legal means. The challenge in hiring a defense lawyer is finding the one firm that is sincerely dedicated to fighting for their client.  If any evidence presented in the case was obtained illegally, a criminal attorney in Michigan can help suppress or dismiss the evidence and possibly the case as a means of protecting your Constitutional rights.

A Great Lawyer Can Negotiate a Favorable Plea and Sentence 

Another duty and responsibility of a criminal attorney in Michigan is to negotiate for a deal or plea bargain on your behalf. Attempting to cut a deal without the counsel and aid of a lawyer is extremely unwise, as you could end up hurting your case all in an attempt to save money on hiring an attorney. An experienced attorney who has been practicing the law for years will have plenty of experience in negotiating the type of deals that will best benefit you and your situation.  The facts is that there are statues, rules, cases and laws that may be utilized to help you and you will have no idea they exist without counsel.  The difference between working with a great criminal defense attorney versus one who is not as proficient can often be whether you end up with a criminal record or jail time.

Experienced, Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Give You Options 

An experienced, criminal defense lawyer can lay out all of the options that are available for you and help you choose the one best suited for your particular case. It is not the lawyer’s life that will be impacted by the result of the case so the lawyer must take time to educate and familiarize the client with the available options so he or she can make the best possible choice in resolutions.  The attorney will create a defense case or plan for you that might help you avoid a conviction and avoid spending any serious time in a county or federal prison.


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