County Prosecutors Office dismisses a case because of forward thinking by Defense Attorney Loren Dickstein



Lewis & Dickstein is extremely proud of Loren Dickstein. In January, 2014, he was retained to represent a client that was a party to a long drawn out and expensive criminal action and his becoming involved was, according to the prosecutor, instrumental in the County Prosecutor’s Office deciding that they did not want to proceed with the case.


The case involved allegations of commercial sales of an illegal controlled substance. The client’s prior counsel had been involved since 2012. There was lengthy and expensive litigation and appeals to both the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court. Mr. Dickstein was retained in late January, 2014 and the case is dismissed voluntarily by the County Prosecutor’s Office in early March, 2014. Mr. Dickstein’s forward thinking and proactive representation was enough for the prosecutor’s office to decide they did not want to continue with the case.



Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney

It is extremely rare for a prosecutor’s office to just decide not to continue a prosecution. The dismissal of a case after lengthy litigation over the course of years is practically unheard of. Mr. Dickstein is well known and well respected by prosecutors and Judges throughout the State of Michigan. He is knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about the practice of criminal law. It is important to him that every client’s rights are protected and all potential defense avenues are thoroughly investigated.


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