Plea or Trial? What is best for me?

Deciding whether to enter a plea or take a case to trial can be scary, confusing, and complicated. With the help of a highly experienced criminal defense trial attorney, it is possible to make a fact-based, legally sound decision that leaves you confident you made the right decision.

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A plea may or may not be in your best interest. Here is what you need to know.

Facing charges for a felony or misdemeanor charge in Michigan is one of the most vulnerable situations, and enlisting top legal representation is a smart first step. Developing a strategy for how to proceed once you’ve been accused of a crime is crucial. A winning defense strategy requires the experience and knowledge of an experienced attorney. Knowing whether or not it’s in your favor to plead guilty or go to trial depends on many factors that you cannot know due to your inexperience with the justice system, which is why a reputable attorney on your side is well worth the investment. Furthermore, the only way an experienced attorney can make a recommendation is by thoroughly reviewing your case, any possible defense, and all the evidence against you.

Should I Plead Guilty or Go to Trial?

There are pros and cons associated with pleading guilty and going to trial.

It’s essential to weigh all options before making a decision. Some advantages to pleading guilty in court include a reduced sentence or avoiding time behind bars altogether. Pleading guilty to a crime you did not commit is a hard pill to swallow; however, many lawyers will attempt to manipulate a client into entering a plea too quickly to resolve a case or avoid a fight.

Heading to trial to assert your innocence has its benefits too, and it’s wise to thoroughly discuss your case with an attorney before choosing this option. An attorney can help you develop a defense strategy to prove your innocence and also point out if law enforcement acted illegally in your arrest or their investigation. An experienced lawyer has worked with hundreds of clients who have been in similar situations and can use their expertise to give you a sense of where you stand. Going to trial may bring additional costs, including attorney fees. Considering that your freedom is on the line, there must be a cautious and thoughtful “cost vs. benefit” analysis. You will build a solid defense with your attorney that will hopefully end with a “not guilty” verdict, clearing your name and legal background for good!

If you have been charged with a crime in Michigan, now is the time to make sound, logical decisions, which is easier said than done. Enlisting the representation of a reputable, zealous, and fearless Michigan criminal defense attorney is the first step in the right direction that will make all decisions easier moving forward in the process.

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