White Collar Crime – helpful information

As with any criminal case, the adversaries are the government or prosecutor who decide whether a criminal charge should be made.  If criminal charges have not been already made, an experienced defense attorney can help to possibly keep them from being filed to begin with.

White Collar Crime Defense

There are defense strategies that are important in defending white collar crimes.  The first is the substantive defense.  This means that rather than waiting until trial or until the pre-trial period when plea negotiations are being done, the attorney takes advantage of meetings to question and argue questions of criminal responsibility.  The goal is to keep evidence out of the trial forum all together.  This action may be crucial to whether a criminal charge is issued or not.

Controlling Evidence in White Collar Cases

The next issue is information control.  This entails attempting to keep documents from investigators or prosecutors all together.  If this is successful than there is no need to make the argument that there are substantive issues.  This method keeps the government ignorant of evidence it needs to decide whether or not to charge a crime.  There are two ways to control information.  The first way is to object that the evidence is not admissible because of some action by the government.  The second way is to not allow the government to get the evidence to begin with.  This can be accomplished by using attorney-client privilege and other means.

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