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When facing criminal charges in Dearborn Heights District Court, call the firm with the passion, tenaciousness, and tireless drive to achieve the best results for those accused of a felony or misdemeanor in Dearborn Heights.

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The criminal defense attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., have decades of combined experience in the 20th District Court in Dearborn Heights. Every client benefits from the combined expertise of a team of attorneys specializing in criminal defense. While you will have a single lead attorney, the entire firm will collaborate for your benefit. In other words, a distinguished and respected law firm protects and defends you, not just one lawyer. The unfortunate truth is that many firms don’t care enough to provide such all-encompassing care, and solo lawyers cannot deliver the considerable benefits of a team approach.

Felony and Misdemeanor Charges in Dearborn Heights

Dearborn Heights misdemeanor and ordinance offenses are handled exclusively in the 20th Judicial District Court. A misdemeanor is a criminal offense that is punishable by up to one year in jail. In misdemeanor cases, motions, evidentiary hearings, pretrials, plea hearings, sentences, and trials occur in the district court. If a crime has a maximum possible sentence longer than a year, it would be considered a felony.

The first hearing in a felony or misdemeanor case is called an arraignment. The judge advises the defendant of the charges at the arraignment and sets a bond. The purpose of the bond is to ensure that the defendant will reappear in court for future hearings. A personal bond does not require that the defendant deposit any money with the court; it is essentially a promise to appear. A bond can require a cash deposit or a bondsman.

In the 20th Judicial District Court, a judge has limited involvement in felony cases. In addition to the felony arraignment, the judge will preside over a Probable Cause Conference (PCC) and a Preliminary Examination. If the judge determines there is insufficient evidence at the preliminary examination, the felony charges will be dismissed. If there is enough evidence for the case to move forward, all future hearings will be in the Wayne County Circuit Court, Criminal Division.

Don’t bet your life on a “part-timer.”

You should know that many firms handle criminal cases and various other matters, including divorce, probate, real estate, or commercial law. These firms are out for a quick buck and take cases for which they are not specialized. Many of these attorneys assume you are guilty or don’t care if you’re guilty and plan to take a quick plea bargain in your case. They feel satisfied if they have earned their fee by providing a minimum level of service. Lawyers call this “selling the client down the river.” That will never happen at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. The Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. specializes in criminal defense. The vast majority of our clients were referred to us by prior clients and other lawyers in the community who are familiar with our outstanding reputation for success in court. Our lawyers are motivated to get you the best possible outcome, regardless of the required effort.

Prosecutors know who the best defense lawyers are, and they know those who are not. They can spot a part-timer or a weak lawyer a mile away, and they know they can bluster and bully them into a bad plea deal for you. The fact is that criminal cases demand experience and legal smarts based upon years of dedicated criminal defense experience. We do nothing but criminal defense, and we have an unparalleled track record of success. When your freedom and future depend on your lawyer’s abilities in the 20th District Court in Dearborn Heights, you want a top-rated, well-known, and respected criminal defense lawyer. You want us.

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Why you should hire LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C.

Our team of defense lawyers stands ready, willing, and able to provide you with the best possible defense in the 20th District Court in Dearborn Heights. We will do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible result. Here is a list of some of our accomplishments:

  • Decades of Experience
  • Unique and Highly Effective Team Approach
  • Track Record of Avoiding Jail and Convictions
  • Nationally Honored and Recognized
  • SuperLawyer – Thomson Reuters
  • 10.0 Superb – Avvo
  • AV Preeminent – Martindale-Hubbell
  • Lead Counsel Rated – LawInfo
  • Client Distinction Award – LexisNexis
  • Top Attorneys in Michigan – As published in the New York Times and Crane’s Detroit Business
  • Respected by Judges and Prosecutors
  • Prompt Return of Phone Calls
  • Thorough Investigation of Facts and Defenses
  • Tireless, Persistent, and Tenacious Representation

Dearborn Heights District Court Judges

The judges in the 20th District Court in Dearborn Heights are highly intelligent, accomplished individuals who take their positions as judges very seriously. Both judges had extensive experience in criminal defense before becoming judges, and therefore they are never a “rubber stamp” for the prosecutor. An experienced criminal attorney appreciates a judge with criminal experience because they understand sophisticated legal arguments that may apply to your case. The key is that your attorney must be intelligent and experienced enough to spot an argument to present to the judge. It would be best if you had an expert criminal law firm such as LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., to identify and argue all possible defenses in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the 20th District Court have a “case search” or “case lookup” option on its website?

Not as of May of 2022. You can follow this link to see the courts in Michigan with case search functions.

What is a Rester of Actions in the 20th District Court?

The 20th District Court in Dearborn Heights maintains a computerized record of all hearing dates, documents filed, and important actions in each case. The clerks can easily access the Register of Actions if someone has a question about a case, or the clerk can print a copy upon request.

What types of cases are handled in Dearborn Heights?

The Court handles cases involving minor financial disputes, landlord/tenant cases, misdemeanors, and the preliminary stages of felony cases that originate in Dearborn Heights.

How do you get a court-appointed attorney at the 20th District Court?

Indigent individuals can request a court-appointed lawyer for any felony or misdemeanor criminal charge. The court will assign an attorney from a list of lawyers who agree to work for minimal rates. A defendant cannot pick their own court-appointed lawyer and will have to settle for whoever the court chooses. The only way to ensure you are getting an experienced, skilled, and successful attorney is to hire private counsel. Most top-level criminal defense lawyers offer a free consultation.

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The attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., have had outstanding experiences in the 20th District Court in Dearborn Heights. We have mutual respect for the judges of the 20th District Court, and they know when we walk into the courtroom that we will fight for every possible advantage for our clients. The judges appreciate our creativity, knowledge, and professionalism, and the prosecutors respect that we do whatever is necessary to protect and defend our clients. If you have a case in Dearborn Heights District Court, call LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. We will take the time to talk with you, answer all of your questions, and address each of your concerns. We will work with you to develop a winning strategy.

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