Offenses in Michigan are Either General Intent or Specific Intent Crimes

With only a few exceptions, a felony or misdemeanor must either be committed with general intent or specific intent. Specific intent means intending to commit the offense and also intending the consequences. General intent is just the intent to commit the offense itself.

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Michigan Seriously Needs To Reform its Criminal Laws

Criminal Intent can be specific or general. This means that some criminal offenses require that you specifically intend a particular result, and others require just a general intent to commit a crime or knowing criminal act. The issue in Michigan is that some local communities can have their own criminal statutes, which can drastically differ from community to community.

An Extreme Example to Illustrate

As an example, littering in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a misdemeanor. So, if you go to a Michigan football game and drop a plastic cup and do not pick it up, you can be charged with a misdemeanor. The problem lies in that many people come to football games from out of town and do not realize that they are facing misdemeanor charges if they litter. Littering is an example of a general intent crime, not a specific intent offense. Misdemeanors are part of a criminal record and can hurt job prospects, graduate school admission, or loan applications, just to name a few. It seems silly, doesn’t it? There is clearly a need for uniformity of punishments for criminal offenses in Michigan. Reform is not only necessary, it should be required. The best defense to any criminal charge is a reputable defense lawyer with a reputation for providing the highest caliber representation.

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