Detroit to Begin Issuing More Parking Tickets in an Effort to Boost Revenues

Detroit officials have announced that the city’s parking enforcement division will soon will begin issuing more parking tickets. Additionally, there will be extended enforcement hours and increased effort to collect delinquent fines.


The increased parking violation enforcement is part of an effort to raise an additional $10 million to help offset the city’s budget troubles. The city hopes to collect $35 million in unpaid parking tickets dating to 2004.


On a personal note, I received a parking ticket in Detroit in August of 2010. The alleged violation was being too close to a fire hydrant. Needless to say, the parking enforcement officer was very confused or simply didn’t care that the car was parked a more than adequate distance from the hydrant. I requested a hearing in writing within 24 hours. I called the parking enforcement division today to inquire about a hearing date. The clerk told me that it could be up to TWO YEARS before I get a hearing notice. The City of Detroit operates at times like a third-world country. I’m just envisioning the office in Detroit that processes traffic tickets…mountains of paperwork falling from desks, a hearing room that hasn’t been unlocked in years, employees that have so much work to do that they don’t know where to start (so they’ve probably given up at this point). 


FYI – if you get a parking ticket…request a hearing. It’s not likely that you will ever get a hearing in the matter and your ticket may be indefinitely suspended.


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