Fight Every Ticket

Casey Roskob was recently interviewed by Car and Driver magazine (April 2011 issue). He is an attorney who has dedicated his practice to fighting traffic tickets on behalf of his clients. His philosophy on the litigation of traffic issues is applicable to Michigan traffic cases as well. He stated during the interview, “fight every ticket….” I’ve shared this philosophy for the past 16 years. Although there are no guarantees in court, almost every ticket can get reduced or dismissed in court and under the right circumstances. The insurance companies are the only entities that benefit from Michigan drivers accumulating points on their driving record. There is almost always no disadvantage in fighting a ticket with an attorney and there is usually a great benefit. The cost in hiring counsel to assist with a ticket is usually less than the costs of the increase in insurance premiums from a conviction on a moving violation. Often a client says to me, “I’m guilty so why should we go to court?” The answer is simple. In 95% of traffic cases, the issue of guilty or responsibility for the violation is never litigated. In almost all cases, I am able to negotiate an out of court settlement with the city attorney or prosecutor and put my client in a much better position by reducing or eliminating points or getting a moving violation dismissed upon payment of a fine. As Mr. Roskob states…fight every ticket.