Drunk Driving Attorney in Michigan

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Driving while under the influence is serious anywhere in the country, but when you drive after drinking in Michigan, you’ll need a drunk driving attorney Michigan experienced. Judges in Michigan don’t view DUI’s lightly, so it may not matter whether this is your first offense or not. You should take the matter as seriously as the judge will and that’s why the experienced lawyers to call are Lewis and Dickstein. We aren’t afraid to win and will work tirelessly to get an acquittal or reduced charges and sentence. When your record and reputation are on the line, we’re the criminal defense attorneys to turn to.

The Best Drunk Driving Attorney in Michigan – We’re Here to Win the Case

A drunk driving charge can be a difficult charge to deal with and one that you shouldn’t attempt to represent yourself in. There are so many technicalities and considerations, making it necessary to retain the services of an expert drunk driving attorney in Michigan for a successful outcome. You might think that a DUI is a simple misdemeanor, an unfortunate one which you may or may not mind having on your record. But operating a vehicle while intoxicated can bring felony charges, depending on many different factors. Viewing the situation in that light, you can see why your best bet is to contact Lewis and Dickstein.

No one intends to do harm when they have a few drinks and get behind the wheel. Yet it does happen. Making an example of those who are caught is intended to deter others from endangering their lives and the lives of others. Entrusting your case to Lewis and Dickstein is giving yourself the advantage of our experience and skill in producing the best possible outcome. Regardless of whether you are wrongly accused or if you acknowledge that the charges are justified, call us when you need a Michigan drunk driving attorney.