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Felony OWI charges are serious, and the stakes in court are high. With the possibility of prison and up to five years of probation, an experienced, effective defense lawyer is critical.

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There is no more stressful time in a person’s life than being charged with a felony offense and facing jail or prison time. A felony OWI in Michigan can cause so much stress and anxiety that home and work life can become challenging. If you have recently been charged with a third offense, operating while intoxicated (OWI), you have a lot to lose, and you need the help of someone who will truly fight for you, not just say they will. With a great OWI Defense Lawyer, options for resolving a felony case that seems impossible can become possible.

A felony OWI conviction in Michigan can result in loss of employment, child custody, civil liberties (voting, gun rights, etc.), reputation, driving privileges, and much more. There is a waivable mandatory minimum jail term of 30 days and up to 5 years in prison. An experienced, effective defense lawyer can help you fight your Michigan OWI third offense and help you avoid potentially life-changing consequences. A judge can waive the mandatory minimum jail sentence if the defendant completes a court-ordered rehabilitation program.

What does an OWI defense attorney do?

An OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) attorney is a type of criminal defense lawyer who specializes in representing individuals who have been charged with drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The primary role of an OWI attorney is to defend their clients in court, help them navigate the legal system, and work to achieve the best possible outcome for their case.

This may involve negotiating with prosecutors to reduce or dismiss charges, presenting evidence to support their client’s innocence, or challenging the accuracy of sobriety tests and other evidence used against them. An OWI attorney may also represent their clients in plea negotiations, represent them during sentencing hearings, and handle appeals if necessary.

In addition to court proceedings, an OWI attorney may also guide their clients on issues such as license suspension, an ignition interlock device installation, and other consequences of a drunk driving conviction. If applicable, they may also provide information on programs and services that can help their clients deal with addiction issues.

The goal of an OWI attorney is to help their client achieve the best possible outcome in their case, whether that means obtaining a reduction or dismissal of charges, negotiating a plea agreement, or fighting for acquittal at trial.

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License Sanctions with a Felony OWI in Michigan


Two OWI convictions within seven (7) years or three within 10 years result in an indefinite revocation of driving privileges in Michigan. The only way to get your driving privileges back would be to appeal to the Secretary of State’s Drivers Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) after a minimum of a year. Appeals to the DAAD (formerly the DLAD) for restoring a driver’s license are far more complicated than people can imagine. You’ll need a lawyer with extensive experience and a track record for winning to succeed.

The offense dates do not determine the time frame for license revocation. The Michigan Department of State determines the seven (7) and 10-year gap provisions based on conviction dates. If the charges are reduced to a non-alcohol offense or dismissed, or your lawyer sufficiently delays the felony OWI conviction, the driver can avoid revocation.


Finding and hiring the best possible lawyer for a felony OWI 3rd can be confusing and stressful; however, working with the right lawyer is necessary to increase your chances of a favorable outcome. Depending on the circumstances of your situation, there may have several defenses. Still, you will not know unless you hire an attorney who has focused their area of practice on OWI defense.

LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. has helped many clients reduce their felony OWI charges to less serious offenses in Michigan, including misdemeanors. We have achieved acquittals and dismissals in OWI cases on many occasions. We have been among the most successful OWI defense firms in Michigan because of the following:

  • A unique team approach.
  • Staff with unparalleled experience.
  • Investigators, experts, and consultants collaborate on defenses.
  • Resources for a thorough investigation of all possible mitigating factors.
  • Effective communication and prompt return of clients’ calls and emails.
  • Open disclosure of discovery, pleadings, and correspondence.
  • Compassionate, respectful, and confidential representation.
  • No bait and switch! You hire great lawyers and get the lawyers you hired.
  • Prior client satisfaction in Michigan felony OWI cases.
  • Award-winning and nationally recognized defense lawyers who are aggressive, effective, and not afraid to win!
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