Michigan Police Can Now See Whats On Your Cell Phone During a Traffic Stop

 Michigan State Police have confirmed that the law enforcement agency does use data extraction devices to check the data contained on driver’s cell phones during traffic stops.

The data extraction devices have the ability to sync with your cell or smart phone and download just about everything a cell phone can store, including text messages, pictures, music, contacts, and other private information.

The Michigan State Police claim that these devices are not used during routine traffic stops. According to the law enforcement agency, the devices are only with warrants or the consent of the people being searched. I suspect the use of the devices is far more prevalent then the State Police are admitting. Furthermore, when information that may be used in a criminal prosecution is discovered, I would guess that many troopers would not hesitate to claim that a driver “consented” to the search when no permission was actually given.

The American Civil Liberty Union has been requesting that the State Police turn over information about the devices and their use since 2008.  I guess that if the Michigan State Police had nothing to hide and they were faithfully protecting the civil liberties of Michigan residents, the information would have been promptly turned over to the civil rights organization. The lack of good faith is almost laughable considering that the state police regularly tell people being investigated for criminal offenses that if they do not consent to a search, that is an indication of guilt or that they would allow a search if they had nothing to hid. Apparently the Michigan State Police do not practice what they preach.

The State Police, now being pushed to provide the information, have thrown up another roadblock by claiming that the cost to produce the records will cost. Mark my warning, if someone comes up with the money…the State Police will claim the records were accidentally destroyed.

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