Sentencing in Felony Cases Just Got More Complicated

The Michigan Supreme Court ruled that the Michigan Sentencing Guidelines are unconstitutional unless considered advisory. A creative, intelligent, savvy defense lawyer now has a significant advantage when advocating for a lenient sentence.

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Michigan Sentence Guidelines are Advisory

Sentencing in felony cases in Michigan was seriously changed with the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision in People v Lockridge, 498 Mich 358, 399; 870 NW2d 502 (2015). See Michigan Sentencing Guidelines are now Discretionary. Lockridge can be either good or bad for criminal defendants. Lockridge held that a judge could go under or over the suggested guidelines depending on individual circumstances.

The sentencing guidelines factor in a person’s prior criminal record (PRV) and facts about the specific charge (OV). Each category is given a set of points. These points are inserted into a grid, ultimately determining the sentencing guidelines. There can be an argument if the computations are disputed. After Lockridge, supra, the court must still review the guidelines but is not bound by them at sentencing on a felony case.

Since the Lockridge case determined that the sentencing court has committed plain error when it calculates an OV score “using facts beyond those found by the jury or admitted by the defendant” if that miscalculation “would change the applicable guidelines minimum sentence range.” In the case of People v Blevins, decided in February 2016, the defendant argued that OV5 (serious psychological injury to the victim’s family may require professional treatment) could be scored 0 or 15. The only evidence of psychological injury was presented at sentencing. The Court of Appeals determined that there was no evidence presented to a jury or admitted by the defendant relative to serious psychological injury, and the error would change the guidelines; therefore, the score must be zero at sentencing on the felony case.

Can a judge sentence the defendant below sentencing guidelines in a felony case?

Following Lockridge, it is easier for judges to determine that sentencing below guidelines is appropriate in felony cases. A variance or departure below guidelines in a felony sentencing requires a reasonable explanation based on objective facts. This is a far lower bar than the previous burden called “substantial and compelling reasons.” A persuasive, reputable defense lawyer is essential because judges now have greater discretion and latitude when determining an appropriate sentence. If a lawyer puts up a zealous, credible fight for a lenient sentence, a judge has more room now to vary the sentence than ever before.

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Probation Violation Sentencing in a Felony Case

If the judge sentenced the defendant to probation, they were ordered to follow a set of rules called “terms and conditions of probation.” If there is an allegation of violating the rules, it is called a probation violation. If convicted by plea or trial, a defendant faces sentencing again for the original offense and under the original sentencing guidelines. In other words, a defendant faces the same possible sentencing outcome in a felony case, whether they are getting sentenced for the original conviction or a probation violation.

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