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Federal and state law enforcement focus on the investigation and prosecution of sex trafficking crimes. Those charged with sex trafficking crimes face aggressive prosecutors and hard-hitting judges.

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In Michigan, federal and state law enforcement agencies aggressively pursue sex trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, and other related charges. The United States Attorney, the Attorney General, and state prosecutors take a “no holds barred” approach to these cases. Prison and jail sentences are routine in sex trafficking cases, and individuals can face charges and convictions even on weak and dubious evidence. A strong defense must be built in these matters if a person charged has any hope of avoiding a conviction or harsh sentence. Top sex trafficking defense attorneys know the most common defenses include (1) a claim of innocence or (2) mitigation to obtain a lenient plea bargain or lenient sentence.

Defenses to Sex Trafficking Charges in State and Federal Court

Police and federal agents are often rushing to assign judgment in cases involving sex trafficking charges. Because of the intense pressure to make arrests, innocent people sometimes are wrongfully accused. In other cases, when a defendant has done something wrong, the allegations of law enforcement may be excessive or exaggerate the offense conduct.

A skilled and effective defense attorney can raise various defenses for an innocent client. If the prosecution has charged the wrong person, the defense would be mistaken identification. Other legal defenses can include duress, necessity, lack of intent, false allegations, and mistake. Since law enforcement may not be inclined to believe even a truthful defense, a lawyer’s reputation and skill can be critical to proving their client’s innocence.

When a defendant is guilty, and the prosecution has strong evidence, the best defense may be to negotiate a favorable plea bargain for reduced charges or advocate for a minimal jail sentence or probationary sentence focused on rehabilitation. In most of these cases, there are extenuating circumstances, and the defendants have sympathetic stories if someone cares and takes the time to listen.

What is sex trafficking?

Sex trafficking takes many forms, and violators face the possibility of long prison sentences. In state and federal courts, this is a felony offense. Basically, sex trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another for sexual exploitation. Sex trafficking occurs when a person is forced or coerced into engaging in a commercial sex act with an adult or if a person engages in a commercial sex act with a minor under any circumstances.

A “commercial sex act” includes prostitution, pornography, child pornography, child sexually abusive activity, molestation, statutory rape, criminal sexual conduct, or any other sexual activity done in exchange for something of value, including money, shelter, food, privileges, drugs, or clothing.

Consumers engaging in commercial sex acts with people who are not United States citizens, like visa holders, permanent residents, and green card holders, are considered just as guilty under the law as those who facilitate, organize, or profit from the sex trafficking trade.

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Sentencing for Sex Trafficking Convictions

In either state or federal court, a conviction for sex trafficking will often result in a prison sentence. These crimes are generally punishable by 5 years, 20 years, and up to life in prison in some cases. The seriousness of the allegations, a prior criminal record, remorse, legitimate employment and education, family support, and other factors can impact a sentence’s severity. Although sex trafficking defendants face prison sentences, time in jail or prison is usually not mandatory. A convincing and persuasive defense attorney will take measures to reduce or eliminate any impending incarceration.

Innocent Conduct Can Result in Prosecution

False allegations of forced or coerced sex acts are not uncommon. For example, an intoxicated person may voluntarily engage in a sexual act and regret the decision later. In these cases, it may be psychologically more comfortable for that person to falsely claim that the sex act resulted from a threat of violence rather than admit to reckless or impulsive promiscuity. False allegations are most prevalent when the voluntary sex act was outside of marriage or a committed relationship, discovered by disapproving family, or contrary to deeply held religious convictions. These cases may result in a potentially life-altering prosecution against a completely innocent person. A defense lawyer would be instrumental in defending false allegations of sex trafficking, and the better the attorney, the better the defense.

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