A criminal defense lawyer can be both affordable and capable.

Selecting the best criminal defense lawyer to help you with a felony or misdemeanor charge can be confusing and challenging. Affordable? Good reputation? Powerful? Ethical? What are a defense attorney’s most important qualities?

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Your Best Defense is a Proficient Defense Lawyer

A person accused of criminal activity, guilty or innocent, is in jeopardy and needs professional help as fast as possible. The speed with which a person retains an affordable criminal defense attorney can be vital to a favorable outcome. Regardless of whether you’ve hired criminal defense attorneys in the past, it can be hard to know how to find the best criminal defense lawyer quickly and know what price is fair for legal representation. Finding a top, affordable criminal defense attorney is possible.

When hiring a good and affordable criminal defense attorney (not in any particular order), there are five things to think about:

  • Track Record of Success
  • Fair and Affordable Legal Fees
  • Good and Ethical Reputation
  • Someone Who Genuinely Cares
  • Resources and Influence
  • A Track Record for Success

One of the best measures of a lawyer’s capabilities is their track record. Does the lawyer have a history of achieving mediocre or exceptional results for clients? A lawyer with a history of achieving extraordinary results will likely continue to achieve remarkable results. Conversely, a lawyer with a record of ordinary results probably will not produce results that will significantly benefit the client.

There is no substitute for talking personally with any attorney you consider hiring and doing thorough research online. The benefit of the vast amount of data on the internet is that it dramatically improves a person’s ability to research lawyers, doctors, and other professionals. Websites that post client and attorney reviews tend to be the most informative because the attorney has little control over the content.

Talk with the attorney about results achieved in the past to confirm they specialize in criminal defense. The field of criminal law is highly specialized, and lawyers who handle multiple areas of the law inevitably fail to be proficient in any of them.

After confirming a lawyer’s track record of success, you know you’ve found an effective and zealous attorney. Now comes the question regarding whether that person is within your budget.

The “right and fair amount” for legal fees depends on the attorney’s reputation, years of experience, a record of results for clients, influence with judges and prosecutors, ethics and integrity, and the lawyer’s team’s strength. Put simply, a powerful lawyer with a track record of achieving outstanding results will charge a fee that exceeds that of a lesser attorney. A criminal defense attorney may be the most important investment you ever make, and you cannot ask, “How much does the lawyer cost?” without also asking, “How much would it cost me NOT to hire the best lawyer I can?” You must consider what you have to lose if you fail to hire the best lawyer you can.

Affordable Criminal Defense Attorneys With Good and Ethical Reputations

When a defendant walks into a courtroom with an attorney with a good and ethical reputation, they can be confident that the judge and prosecutor will treat their defense attorney respectfully and deferentially. Disreputable lawyers manipulate their clients into unfavorable plea bargains because prosecutors and judges do not offer them the best deals. If a case must go to trial, juries are smart. They will quickly determine the credibility of an attorney who has a questionable character and is not treated deferentially by court staff. An attorney not viewed favorably by a jury has little chance of persuading them to believe in their client’s innocence. On the other hand, an attorney who is known to be zealous, honest, and ethical will command the attention of a prosecutor, judge, or jury.

Criminal defense attorneys have reputations that are widely known. Attorneys who claim to have “special” relationships with prosecutors or judges because of their office locations, financial contributions, or “friendships” are dishonest and unethical. Top lawyers get top results wherever they practice. The best deals, plea bargains, sentences, rulings, etc., go to the attorneys known to be great trial lawyers. Bargain lawyers or “local lawyers” are known to sell out their clients and focus on maximizing the number of their clients instead of the quality of their results. Don’t get hoodwinked by lawyers claiming to have “special relationships” or who make promises or guarantees. Such claims are dishonest, scheming, and unethical.

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Someone Who Cares

Prosecutors, judges, and law enforcement officers know which lawyers genuinely care about their clients and the results they achieve for clients. You should expect a successful attorney to be busy but not so busy that they fail to return calls, answer your questions, put your mind at ease, and do everything possible to help you. Great lawyers care for their clients as if they were their friends or family. They vigorously and fearlessly fight to get the best outcome possible, without regard to legal fees, notoriety, or friendships with law enforcement, prosecutors, or judges. A lawyer who is careless about their client’s needs will also be negligent about the case’s outcome. The client must be the top and only priority.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Resources and Influence are Critical

There are lawyers for every budget. If you consider hiring a lawyer who is a solo practitioner or general practice lawyer, your expectations should not be high. With a team of lawyers and experienced support staff, our law firm stands in the best position to win cases, and the total legal fee should not be significantly different. No single lawyer can achieve the same results as a team of attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and experts working in unison and collaborating. Finally, a lawyer known for making cogent, persuasive, legally supportable, and factually accurate arguments in court will inevitably be considered a more powerful, credible advocate by any judge.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a local criminal defense attorney?

Lawyers in every area charge different fees depending on their experience, track record, reputation, skill, resources, influence, etc. Lawyers with less experience and a poor track record tend to charge less than average fees. A lawyer who consistently gets great results will charge more. Instead of focusing on the price, a person facing charges should attempt to get the best lawyer possible and determine if their fees are affordable.

What if a person can’t afford to have a lawyer for their defense?

An indigent person can request a court-appointed lawyer. The judge will order that person to reimburse the court for the lawyer’s cost at the conclusion of the case. A person requesting appointed counsel must settle for whomever the court chooses.

How much do criminal defense attorneys charge per hour?

Except in federal cases, criminal defense lawyers rarely charge by the hour. Most top retained lawyers charge flat fees based on the various stages of a criminal case. If you have questions about how lawyers charge legal fees, call LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., and we can review the various options for legal fees in state or federal criminal cases.

Do criminal defense lawyers have payment plans?

Many criminal defense lawyers offer payment plans. For example, some defense lawyers will charge an initial retainer or engagement fee and additional legal fees based on how far the case goes or the extensiveness of the litigation. Some criminal defense law firms accept payments by credit card, ACH electronic check, regular checks, cash, financing, check, wire transfer, Venmo, etc. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. will work with clients to ensure our fees fit within their budget, even if a payment plan is needed.

How much do lawyers charge for drug cases?

Lawyers typically determine legal fees based on the complexity of the case and the potential consequence to the client. Various factors will influence the fee, such as whether the case is state or federal, if the charge involves possession or trafficking, if the charge is based on street drugs or health care related, and much more. Requesting a free legal consultation is the best way to determine a lawyer’s fees.

What is a fair price for a criminal defense attorney?

If a lawyer seems to be charging a low or exceedingly high fee, that is a red flag and a sign you need to exercise some additional due diligence. A fair price for a criminal defense lawyer fairly reflects their experience, reputation, track record, skill, and zealousness. A low price is too high for a lawyer who won’t provide an adequate defense. The price is too high when a lawyer charges excessive fees in relation to their reputation, effectiveness, and skill. There are times to be thrifty and frugal, but not when your life, employment, family, reputation, and civil rights are on the line. Focus on finding an excellent, honest, fair, and reasonable criminal defense lawyer.

If I hire the most expensive lawyer, will I get the best representation?

Lawyers who charge the highest fees are not necessarily the best criminal defense attorneys. That said, it is a fair statement to say, “You get what you pay for.” This is within reason, of course. There is no shortcut when looking for a great defense lawyer to protect and defend you. The most experienced, successful, and effective attorneys are going to charge fees that are commensurate with their value; however, top, respected lawyers, such as those with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have a strong desire to help people and will bend over backward to make their fees as affordable as possible. If you call us for a free consultation, we will take the time to talk with you, answer your questions, and address your concerns. We will work with you to develop a winning strategy.

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The Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., has been chosen from Michigan’s top criminal defense lawyers. The firm has decades of experience successfully defending clients in state and federal courts. They specialize in criminal defense and have an unparalleled track record of success. Legal fees charged by LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. are fair and reasonable, considering the firm’s reputation, the attorneys’ extensive experience, and their history of accomplishment. Each of our affordable criminal defense attorneys maintains an impeccable reputation in Michigan courts. Our philosophy is, “We are not afraid to win!” This philosophy means that we genuinely care about every client and will fearlessly, passionately, and zealously pursue the best possible result for every client.

Our clients can count on receiving the highest level of service and the best results achievable. We get amazing results by working as a team in a very different, collaborative, and well-coordinated way. When you hire one lawyer in our firm, you get all of us on your side. We will work together to ensure we don’t leave any stone unturned as we fight for the best possible outcome. That is our firm’s reputation.

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