Distributing Sexually Explicit Photos on Social Media

If you post sexually explicit photographs of another person on the internet, you may face severe felony charges. Posing of this type of photograph is illegal even if the person in the photo consented to the picture.

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The Distribution of Sexually Explicit Photographs Can be a Misdemeanor or a Felony

Social media has raised many questions regarding the legality of distributing sexually explicit photos and material of another person through the internet. A single image can be broadcast to the entire world with a simple mouse click in this technology-driven world. Michigan has addressed the need for laws surrounding this issue and classified distributing sexually explicit material of another person without their consent, a criminal misdemeanor.

Defining MCL 750.145e

We have all heard of or perhaps experienced romantic relationships that have gone awry. Violations of MCL 750.145e tend to involve individuals who were in a relationship that went south. Unfortunately, it has been the case within Michigan that a scorned lover may decide to post or publish “revenge photos” on a computer device, computer network, or social media platform. This law covers photos sent with the understanding and intent for the photos to remain private between the two individuals in the relationship.

Serious consequences for distributing sexually explicit material

Charges for violating this law should be taken seriously. Often the accused foregoes hiring a reputable, aggressive lawyer because they figure that distributing explicit material online is indefensible or that prison is unavoidable. Neither of these two things is true. With the normalizing of pornography in society, some defendants figure they will take their chances in court and hope for leniency. We are here to tell you this is an extremely unwise approach that will likely result in a conviction and jail time. Laws regarding social media and the internet are relatively new territory in terms of the law, which is why you need experienced, aggressive, and smart attorneys to represent you. The convicted face the potential of years in prison. Judges and prosecutors are extremely tough on these cases, and jail is often looked at even for a first offense.

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