The Probation Interview Is Critically Important.

If you are being interviewed by a probation officer, you will want to make your best impression. Your lawyer should be working with you to prepare so that you are in a position to get a favorable recommendation.

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What can I do at my probation interview to get a good recommendation in my PSI or PSIR (Pre-sentence Investigation Report)?

The impression you make at your probation interview can make a huge difference in the sentence ordered by the judge. A favorable recommendation can go a long way towards persuading a judge to impose a lenient sentence. An unfavorable recommendation might prompt a judge to be harsher than he or she might have otherwise been.

Steps to get a good recommendation

Dress appropriately

Dressed as if you are going on a job interview. Never wear revealing clothing, jeans, shorts, or other similar casual clothing.

Don’t smoke prior to the interview

You do not want your breath to stink.

Don’t drink alcohol or use drugs before the interview

Seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised! Probations officers are looking for signs of drug or alcohol use.

Be prepared

Fill out all documents provided by the probation department prior to the interview. Write very clearly and get help from your lawyer if you have any questions.

Go well documented

Probation officers are overworked and underpaid and they do not want to be running around trying to corroborate all the good things you tell them about yourself. Have documentation of education, work history, mental health or drug treatment history, community service, religious activities and memberships, volunteerism, etc…

Community attestations

If you have family, friends, or coworkers that are able to write letters of support for you, bring them to the probation interview. Make sure your lawyer gets a copy well in advance so that he or she can make any necessary suggestions.

Show remorse

If you are seeing a probation officer for a pre-sentence interview, chances are you’ve been convicted by trial or plea (guilty or no contest). The probation officer will positively consider genuine remorse.

Be respectful

Probation officers are used to being insulted and demeaned. Treat the probation officer as you would a potential employer during an interview for a job that you really want.

Don’t push off blame on others

Taking responsibility doesn’t work when you blame others at the same time. Don’t say that someone else made you did it, that the police were lying, or that the drugs or poverty are to blame.

Be on time

Nothing blows a good first impression like being let to an interview. Be very early and just bring reading materials to keep yourself entertained while you wait for your appointment.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should do well at the probation interview. Because each case is different, you should always take the time to speak to your lawyer before the interview to make sure you are handling everything just right.

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