A Defense Attorney Offering Guarantees is Selling Snake Oil

Are you looking for a criminal defense attorney who can guarantee a win in court? Be aware of unethical conduct to manipulate you into hiring a sketchy defense lawyer.

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If you want to find an honest defense lawyer with a reputation for integrity, here is what you need to know.

Suppose you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor case and are consulting with lawyers looking for someone to protect and defend you. In that case, you are probably talking to different lawyers on the phone or in person. There are three things that lawyers may say to you that will definitively tell you that you need to look for a different Michigan criminal defense attorney. The truth is that there is no such thing as a criminal lawyer with guaranteed results. What are the catchphrases of a dishonest lawyer?

  • “If you hire me, I guarantee I can win your case.”
  • “If you hire me, I guarantee you will not go to jail.”
  • “I win 100% of my cases.”

Even the best lawyers in the United States cannot guarantee any particular result. An attorney who pretends to be a criminal lawyer with guaranteed results is a fraud. Promising a client a particular outcome in a felony or misdemeanor case is highly unethical. A great lawyer will not just be a fantastic litigator; they will also be honest and forthright with a prospective client when helping that person choose the right lawyer to represent them on a case.

Can a criminal lawyer offer guaranteed results, such as no jail time?

A lawyer cannot ethically guarantee their client will not get jail time. The outcome of a legal case depends on various factors, including the evidence, the law, the judge’s discretion, and the prosecution’s case. Lawyers can provide an informed opinion based on their experience and knowledge of the law, but they cannot promise a specific outcome, such as avoiding jail time. Ethical standards in the legal profession prohibit making guarantees about the results of a case.

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Can a criminal lawyer guarantee their client a particular result, such as a plea bargain to a reduced charge?

A lawyer cannot guarantee their client will get a plea bargain to a reduced charge. Plea negotiations are complex, involve discussions between the defense and the prosecution, and often require approval from a judge. Many factors, such as the strength of the evidence, legal precedents, and the specifics of the case, can influence the outcome of these negotiations. Since these elements are beyond a lawyer’s control, ethical standards in the legal profession prevent lawyers from making guarantees about securing a plea deal or the outcome of a case. What should you do if a lawyer guarantees you a particular result? You should not work with a lawyer who is dishonest with you.

Hiring a dishonest criminal defense lawyer is highly inadvisable. If a lawyer is dishonest about their services, fees, or guarantees results during the initial consultation, it’s a significant red flag. Such behavior questions their integrity and professionalism, which are crucial for a trustworthy attorney-client relationship. Ethical standards in the legal profession prohibit guaranteed outcomes, and dishonesty about fees or services can lead to further misunderstandings and issues as your case progresses. Choosing a lawyer who is transparent, ethical, and realistic about your case is essential.

10 Things to Look For in a Great Defense Attorney

Here are 10 things to consider when selecting the best criminal defense attorney for a felony or misdemeanor case in state or federal court. Again, avoid any criminal defense lawyer who promises or offers guaranteed results.

  1. Honest. Honest, even when it comes to bad news.
  2. Realistic. Realistic about possible outcomes.
  3. Fair Fees. Fair legal fees that are realistically based upon the lawyer’s reputation, experience, and record of accomplishment.
  4. Integrity. No manipulation through false guarantees or promises.
  5. Specialized. Specialization in Criminal Defense (exclusive practice).
  6. Team Approach. A team of lawyers can accomplish more than a solo lawyer.
  7. Experienced. Decades of experience – it takes many years and hundreds of clients before a lawyer can be at their best.
  8. Legitimate. A real office (a lawyer sharing space or working out of their home is not a good sign).
  9. Successful. Support staff – a good lawyer will be in demand and will use a team of lawyers and support staff to help build a defense.
  10. Respected. Excellent reputation – prosecutors and judges tend to help lawyers they respect.
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