Criminal Lawyer with Guaranteed Results

Looking for a criminal defense attorney who can guarantee you a win in court? Here is what you need to know.

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If you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor case and you are consulting with lawyers looking for someone to protect and defend you, you are probably talking to different lawyers on the phone or in person. There are three things that lawyer may say to you which will definitively tell you that you need to look for a different Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney. The truth is that there is no such thing as a criminal lawyer with guaranteed results. What are the catch phrases of a dishonest lawyer?

  • “If you hire me, I guarantee I can win your case.”
  • “If you hire me, I guarantee you will not go to jail.”
  • “I win 100% of my cases.”

Even the best lawyers in the United States cannot guarantee any particular result. An attorney who pretends to be a criminal lawyer with guaranteed results is a fraud. In fact, making a client a promise of a certain outcome in a felony or misdemeanor case is highly unethical. A great lawyer will not just be an amazing litigator, he or she will also be honest and forthright with a prospective client when helping that person choose who is the right lawyer to represent them on a case.

Here are 10 things to look for when selecting the best criminal defense attorney for a felony or misdemeanor case in state or federal court:

  1. Honest. Honest, even when it comes to bad news
  2. Realistic. Realistic about possible outcomes
  3. Fair Fees. Fair legal fees realistically based upon the lawyers, reputation, experience and record of accomplishment
  4. Integrity. No manipulation through false guarantees or promises
  5. Specialized. Specialization in Criminal Defense (exclusive practice)
  6. Team Approach. A team of lawyers can accomplish more than a solo lawyer
  7. Experienced. Decades of experience – it takes 20 years before a lawyer can be at his or her best
  8. Legitimate. A real office (a lawyer sharing space or working out of their home is not a good sign)
  9. Successful. Support staff – a good lawyer will be in demand and will use staff to help build a defense
  10. Respected. Good reputation – prosecutors and judges tend to help lawyers they respect