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Defending Disturbing the Peace Charges Based on Inadequate Evidence

Police officers frequently charge people with Disturbing the Peace on the flimsiest evidence. In many of these cases, the officer could have used their discretion and advised the person to leave the area, quiet down, or calm themselves down. Officers should know that every person has a first amendment right to free speech, and Disturbing the Peace charges are inappropriate if someone doesn’t like the content of the speech or how it was said. Also, it is not a crime if someone acts unruly or impolitely. For conduct to reach a level where it is criminal, such as Disturbing the Peace, the behavior must be so outrageous that others in the area are substantially distressed and bothered. A savvy, respected disturbing the peace defense attorney can try to get charges dismissed.

Disturbing the Peace is Often Used to Justify an Illegal Arrest

The crime of disturbing the peace differs from other criminal charges in that it involves allegations of so many different types of conduct. Unlike criminal charges designed to prevent a particular behavior, disturbing the peace is used (and often abused) by police in many different ways. Frequently, police officers charge innocent people with disturbing the peace to justify questionable, unduly forceful, or illegal arrests.

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Penalty for Disturbing the Peace in Michigan

Because Disturbing the Peace charges are so common and subjectively applied, having a skilled defense attorney defending you can be your best hope for a dismissal, reduced charges, or a lenient sentence. A Disturbing the Peace conviction is a criminal conviction. It can result in a permanent criminal record, up to 93 days in jail, and up to 2 years of probation (up to 90 days for an ordinance violation, as opposed to a state law charge). Probation can include a requirement that you report monthly to a probation officer, abstain from marijuana and alcohol, get therapy or substance abuse treatment, perform community service, and much more. Your best hope of avoiding a conviction, probation, and jail is with a qualified, experienced Disturbing the Peace defense lawyer.

Furthermore, a Disturbing the Peace conviction never falls off your record. The only way to remove a conviction is by filing a Motion to Set Aside Conviction (also called an expungement). You will have to wait a minimum of 5 years following the date you get off probation, get out of jail, or finish paying off your fees and costs, whichever is later, before filing such a motion.

Aggressive, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one is accused of Disturbing the Peace, Breach of Peace, or Disorderly Conduct, you need a skilled and proven defense attorney on your side to get the best possible result. We will employ our vast resources and decades of experience to minimize or potentially eliminate the penalties you face, and obtaining a dismissal of all charges is always our highest priority, when possible.

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Disturbing the Peace Defense Attorneys Seeking Dismissal of All Charges

Disturbing the Peace charges can often be dismissed or reduced to non-criminal offenses. A great criminal defense attorney may utilize many statutes to keep this conviction off a client’s criminal record. In many of these cases, the prosecutor or police charge a disturbing the peace charge to prevent a lawsuit for illegal arrest or excessive force, and LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can help!

If you face Disturbing the Peace or Disorderly Conduct charges, and you want a lawyer who will fight for you and not minimize the importance of the case.

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