Facts about Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and Dating Violence – False or True Allegations? Either Way is a Problem

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There are problems in domestic violence cases both with it occurring, and of it being falsely reported.  Clearly violence is never the answer.  However, falsely blaming someone for having committed violence is a crime and there is no greater tragedy than an innocent person being wrongfully convicted.

Police officers often have to make close calls when they are called to an alleged domestic violence scene. Who did what to whom? Was the violence mutual?  Unfortunately, the officers personal feelings and biases come into play and impact who is charged with a felony or misdemeanor crime.

Facts about Domestic Violence – Why Judges are Tough are Tough in DV Cases

  • a woman is subjected to domestic abuse every 9 seconds
  • domestic violence is said to be the single greatest cause of injuries to women
  • domestic violence occurs in all cultures, races, occupations, and income levels
  • more than 80% of males accused of domestic violence have no assaultive history
  • the American Medical Association reports that more than 10,000 women are killed by domestic violence each year

Facts about False Reporting of Domestic Violence – Why your Defense Lawyer Must Be Even Tougher

  • 85% of all restraining orders are issued against men
  • 70% is the estimate of restraining orders that are trivial or false
  • $2,000 is the estimated amount of tax payer money spent for issuing, servicing and adjudicating one restraining order.
  • 700,000 the estimated number of people falsely arrested for domestic violence each year.
  • $20 billion is the estimated number of tax dollars spend each year for welfare and public benefits arising from false domestic violence allegations that force children in to single parent households.
  • Defendant’s are often presumed guilty of domestic violence, even when the allegations are false or exaggerated

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You need an experienced and dedicated domestic violence attorney

white collar criminal defense attorneysAre you are facing domestic violence charges?  Have you been falsely blamed for a domestic assault?  Have allegations been blown out of proportion or exaggerated? You need the help of first class legal representation.  LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. are the premier domestic violence attorneys in Michigan.  Our attorneys have been representing people charged with domestic violence in Michigan for decades in courts throughout the state.

Domestic violence cases are taken very seriously by prosecutors and the courts.  Judges often feel like they need to be harsh on domestic violence defendants to make an example out of them and to get favorable media attention. This is why you need legal representation that is not afraid to stand up to over-zealous prosecutors and judges and who will protect you and your rights.  LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. takes its obligations to its clients very seriously.  Our attorneys take great pride in our reputation for success and our dedication to giving our clients the extraordinary defense they deserve.

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