Many Cities are Reviewing Marijuana Law

(Recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan. This update was from 2014).

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State Law Trumps City and Township Laws

In February 2014, the Michigan Supreme Court issued a unanimous opinion that local communities are forbidden from outlawing the use of medical marijuana in their jurisdictions. Many cities and townships have legalized medical marijuana. Those that have not will need to review their current law.

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State Possession of Marijuana May Be Legal Despite Federal Law

The decision also states that it is not impossible for municipalities to comply with federal and state marijuana laws. Because last year the Justice Department made it clear that it would not block states from easing their laws regarding both the medical and recreational use of marijuana. However, there are circumstances that the federal government will step in and those are generally with huge amounts of marijuana, use of weapons or violence resulting from being involved with marijuana use, sale, or growing.

The Michigan Supreme Court held that is a municipality bans marijuana, it is in direct conflict with the Michigan Marihuana Act, and that conflict violates the separation of powers provision of the Michigan Constitution.

Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, and Other Jurisdictions Cannot Restrict Medical Marijuana

Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Wyoming, and Livonia have laws heavily restricting or completely banning all marijuana use. Williamston had banned all marijuana usage but has now amended its law to comply with the high court’s opinion. Delta Township has reviewed the potential licensing of caregivers and has decided to grant these licenses. There are a few communities that have stated anything illegal at the federal level would be illegal within that community. However, Lansing and Jackson have recently passed laws preventing prosecution of residents for the use of marijuana in their homes, even recreationally.

It is pretty clear that Michigan is becoming much more tolerant of marijuana usage.

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