Michigan’s Top 50 Felonies – Criminal Defense Lawyer

Michigan’s Top 50 Felonies – Criminal Defense Lawyer

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As one of Michigan’s premier criminal defense law firms, LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., requires all partners and associates to regularly engage in continuing legal education (CLE) and trail skills workshops. CLE can take many forms from seminars to classes to webinars to reading relevant literature. Occasionally, an article in the Michigan Bar Journal will be relevant to our practice.

In the March 2012 edition, there is an informative article about some Michigan criminal law basics that I thought you may find interesting. It doesn’t matter if your case is pending in Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County or elsewhere in Michigan, the information in the article has statewide relevance.

Michigan’s top fifty (50) felony offenses based upon order of prosecution. The current list of 50 contains, “only about one-fourteenth of the possible Michigan felony offenses, but these result in more than 85% of all felony trials and convictions.”

The Top Fifty Felony Offenses

  1. Possession of Controlled Substance (cocaine, heroin or other narcotic) under 25 grams.
  2. Manufacture/Delivery or Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana under 5 kilograms
  3. Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated or Impaired with a Controlled Substance – Third (3rd) Offense (also commonly referred to as OWI, DWI, DUI or drunk driving.
  4. Manufacture/Deliver or Possession with intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance under 50 grams
  5. Assault, Resist, Obstruct or Oppose a Police Officer (a felony that is all too often abused by arresting officers which a habit for exaggeration and dramatization).
  6. Larceny in a Building
  7. Home Invasion, Second Degree
  8. Uttering and Publishing a forged instrument (often a check)
  9. Breaking and Entering a Building with Intent to Commit a Felony Therein
  10. Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) (often a gun or knife but can be other things)
  11. Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (felonious assault or FA) (the use of any object in a way that is likely or capable of causing serious injury)
  12. Refusal to Support Spouse or Children (Child Support Felony) – clearly the most abused felony. Prosecuted in a way to support the election of politicians and directly contrary to its stated purpose of helping children.
  13. Possession of a Controlled Substance Analogues or Certain Controlled Substances
  14. Retail Fraud – First (1st) Degree (also called shoplifting).
  15. Possession of a Stolen Financial Transaction Device (Credit Card) without Consent
  16. Fleeing or Eluding a Police Officer – 3rd Degree
  17. Receiving, Possessing or Concealing a Stolen Vehicle (Car, Truck, Boat, etc…)
  18. Larceny from a Vehicle
  19. Armed Robbery
  20. Felon in Possession of a Firearm
  21. Possession of Methamphetamine
  22. Home Invasion First (1st) Degree
  23. Unlawful Driving Away of an Automobile (UDAA or Joy Riding)
  24. Keeping a Drug House
  25. Unarmed Robbery
  26. Assault w/ Intent to do Great Bodily Harm Less Than Murder
  27. Domestic Violence – 3rd Degree
  28. Sex Offender – Failure to Register
  29. Receiving and Concealing Stolen Property $1,000 – $20,000
  30. Home Invasion Third (3rd) Degree
  31. Embezzlement Less than $1,000
  32. Criminal Sexual Conduct – Third (3rd) Degree
  33. Felony Firearm
  34. Criminal Sexual Conduct – Second (2nd) Degree
  35. Delivery/Manufacture C/S sched 103 (not marijuana)
  36. Fleeing or Eluding a Police Officer Forth Degree
  37. Larceny from a Person
  38. Criminal Sexual Conduct – Forth Degree
  39. Identity Theft
  40. Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle
  41. Larceny $1,000 to $20,000
  42. Obtaining a Controlled Substance by Fraud
  43. Illegal Sale/Use of a Financial Transaction Device
  44. B&E Motor Vehicle with Damage
  45. Criminal Sexual Conduct – First Degree
  46. Malicious Destruction of Property ($1,000 – $20,000)
  47. False Report of a Felony
  48. No Account Check
  49. Murder, 2nd Degree
  50. Entering without Breaking but with Intent

Note: “Note that for 46 of the top 50 offenses shown on the chart, no prison sentence may be imposed under the guidelines if there are no aggravating circumstances and no prior criminal record. One of the goals of the sentencing guidelines system was to pre­vent overcrowding our prisons.”

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