Possession of Prescription Drugs in Michigan

There are many myths surrounding laws pertaining to controlled/prescription drugs in Michigan. This can cause individuals in Michigan unknowingly run into legal trouble. If you are facing drug possession charges, it is important to enlist the help of aggressive legal representation that has a strong and successful background in fighting drug crimes. The consequences are severe, even for first time offenders.

Defense of Possession of Prescription Drugs in Michigan

Prosecutors may try to show intent to deliver or distribute

If you are currently facing charges, you most likely have serious questions including, what is considered a controlled substance? First of all, controlled substances are regulated by the government and include heroin, morphine, marijuana, methadone, and other prescription narcotic painkillers. Technically, over the counter drugs containing codeine are included in this category, although they are not aggressively penalized. The penalties for possession of prescription drugs in Michigan vary depending on the drug type and the amount of the drug found on your person at time of arrest. It is important to be aware that prosecutors may try to show intent to deliver or distribute drugs in these types of cases, making the punishment even worse.

The most addictive and abused prescription drugs

Michigan classifies drugs under “schedules.” Schedule I and II categories include the most addictive and abused prescription drugs. Regardless of which schedule your charge falls under, hiring a seasoned attorney is a wise decision, especially considering how serious Michigan takes crimes related to drug possession. Knowing the right questions to ask, an attorney with experience related to drug charges will be able to identify if mistakes were made at the time of arrest or if procedure was compromised in any way. They are also familiar and have built rapport with Michigan courts and judges and are well versed in procedure and protocol for these types of crime. When you consider all you have to lose, the decision to hire a top criminal defense attorney does not require much additional thought.

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Hefty fines, time in jail, loss of their driver’s license, and more

Regardless of the details in your personal case, you need an aggressive and experienced lawyer to help you craft an effective defense strategy. Having a very good defense lawyer gives you the greatest chance of avoiding jail and a conviction. Parties found guilty of drug charges face hefty fines, time in jail, loss of their driver’s license, and potentially loss of job and damage to career long-term. In order to adequately defend yourself against drug charges, you need top quality representative from Michigan’s finest.

Michigan drug crimes defense attorneys

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