How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your System?

Depending on the drug, a controlled substance may stay in a person’s system for only several hours or up to a month or more. The metabolite of the drug can last for even longer.

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A Positive Test Doesn’t Always Mean Recent Use

You may find yourself undergoing required drug testing at some point in your life and wonder, “how long do drugs stay in your system?” Some employers require employees to participate in a drug test before and after being hired. At the same time, some individuals undergo drug testing as part of a DUI arrest, probation, or even as terms in a child custody arrangement.

Considering the high stakes, it is no wonder that a commonly searched question online happens to be “How long do drugs stay in your system?” The answer is, it depends on the drug. Marijuana, oxycodone, Vicodin, heroin, opium, and LSD all metabolize at differing rates. In the process of eliminating drugs from the body, kidneys play a key role, filtering out soluble drug metabolites out of the urine.

If you are trying to predict whether you will pass a forthcoming drug test, you must also consider what type of drug testing you will undergo. For example, if you have ingested marijuana and are trying to predict whether you can pass a drug test, be aware that traces of the drug can stay in your urine anywhere from 7 to 30 days, remain 90 days in the hair, and 14 days in the blood.

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Your Metabolism Impacts How Long Drugs Stay in Your System

Additionally, your metabolism affects how quickly traces of a drug will be flushed from your system as well. An individual with a high metabolic rate will expel elements of drugs in the system much faster than an individual with a slower metabolism. Drug testing can be anxiety-provoking for many reasons. If you worry you cannot pass a drug test and find yourself asking, “how long do drugs stay in your system?”, then this question should be part of a larger discussion with your legal counsel. Whatever you do, do not be intimidated by a strict judge. If you have the right representation, your attorney will know how best to help you.

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