Removal of moped passenger restrictions.


MCL 257.658(3) has been amended to remove the prohibition of passengers on a moped. Mopeds may now be used to carry more than one person at a time.


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·        Avoid traffic control device

·        Careless driving          

·        Child restraint violation

·        Civil Infraction causing death

·        Disobey Police Signal

·        Disobey stop sign

·        Disobey traffic control device

·        Disobey traffic signal

·        Drag Racing

·        Drive across median

·        Drive left of center

·        Drive without lights

·        Drive wrong way

·        Driving While License Revoked (DWLR)

·        Driving While License Suspended (DWLS)

·        DWLS causing death

·        Exhibition driving

·        Fail to change address

·        Fail to dim headlights

·        Failure to Report an Accident

·        Fail to stop from private drive

·        Fail to signal turn

·        Fail to use due care and caution

·        Fail to yield

·        Fleeing and Eluding the Police

·        Follow too close           

·        Improper pass

·        Improper turn

·        No registration

·        No proof of insurance

·        No valid ops on

·        Open Intox (Open Intoxicant in a Vehicle)

·        OWI (Operating While Intoxicated)

·        OWI Third Offense

·        OWI Causing Serious Injury

·        OWVI (Operating While Visibly Impaired)

·        DUI (Driving Under the Influence)

·        Pass school bus

·        Reckless Driving

·        Refused preliminary breath test

·        Registration/Plate

·        Speeding

·        Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level (UBAL)

·        Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile

·        Vehicular Homicide

·        Violation of basic speed law