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If you are sentenced for a felony or misdemeanor in St. Clair County Circuit Court or the 72nd District Court, there is an option for you to keep your job. Your lawyer can request that your judge approve a work pass or work release.

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Keeping your Job in St. Clair County

If you are being sentenced in St. Clair County Circuit Court or the 72nd District Court, in Port Huron or Marine City, it is possible to keep your job, even if you are sentenced to jail time. If you’ve already been sentenced to probation and jail time and want to seek permission to work, you will have to file a motion for a work pass and get approval from your judge. Here is what you need to know about St. Clair County Work Release.

Sentence to St. Clair County Work Release

The best option is to request a work pass at the time of sentencing. In the Circuit Court, St. Clair County Work Release is called a “work pass,” and it is available in felony and misdemeanor cases. The County Sheriff will charge the inmate a fee based on a prorated portion of the wages earned. To get permission to work, a lawyer must be exceptionally prepared at the time of sentencing to prove the defendant has a job, and he must make a persuasive and credible argument that the defendant is reliable enough to be trusted to leave the jail and return.

Requesting Work Release After Sentencing

If a defendant has been sentenced to jail as part of a sentence that includes probation, it is possible to request a work pass after sentencing. A lawyer will file a motion, which is a written argument filed with the court. The prosecutor may or may not oppose the motion, and a good defense lawyer may be able to help the prosecutor see the value in allowing the defendant to keep a job. The motion gets scheduled for a hearing before the court, and the judge decides if St. Clair County Work Release will be permitted.

Eligibility Requirements for a Work Pass

Work release or work passes are reserved for non-violent inmates who can prove they have legitimate employment. Work passes are only available with the sentencing judge’s permission.

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