What will happen to me if I’m charged with OWI?

If you are charged with OWI or DUI, you are likely concerned about what will happen to you and how the charge will impact your future.

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The Scientific Defense of OWI Charges

Drunk driving is probably one of the most common criminal offenses in Michigan. It is illegal to drive in Michigan with a blood alcohol content over a 0.08% level. In reality, it does not take a lot of alcohol to reach that level. Generally, a 200-pound man can reach a 0.08% blood alcohol level after 4 alcohol drinks (12 oz. beers) and a 120-pound woman can reach a 0.08% blood alcohol level after 2 alcohol drinks (12 oz. beers). It is clear that different people have different tolerances and may “feel” sober when they are legally not sober. If you are arrested for drunk driving there are numerous different penalties and types of alcohol-related charges you could be facing, including restriction or complete loss of your driving privileges. For instance, Michigan now has a “super drunk” statute that allows for penalties to be increased significantly if you were driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.17% or higher. If you have multiple prior drunk driving offenses on your criminal record it is likely that you will be charged with a felony and there would be the risk of going to prison.

The psychologists and the legal system have gotten together in recent years and acknowledged that often alcoholism (or mental illness) is involved in tandem with a drunk driving charge. The result of mental health professionals getting involved has increased the use of treatment programs and courts specifically geared towards getting the person the rehabilitation and/or mental health treatment that is needed in order for the person to overcome the problems and go on to lead a healthy life. These are often called “Sobriety Courts” or “Treatment Courts”.

The planning of a defense to a charge of operating while intoxicated is complex and should not be left to an attorney that is a part-time practitioner of criminal law. There are many things that need to be considered, such as whether or not the initial traffic stop was proper, or the timeliness and accuracy of a breath or blood test, among other things. There is often a referral for a substance abuse evaluation. There are many things that need to be considered that a “part-timer” will likely be unaware of.

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The bottom line is there is help available. The attorneys at LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. have decades of experience and are experts in the area of defending people charged with alcohol-related offenses. When you are facing the possible loss of your freedom, income, driving privileges, and civil rights, it is important that you have the best legal team to help you.

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