Local municipalites are now allowed to enforce Michigans Super Drunk law.

The ‘Super Drunk Law’

BCop car with lights onack in 2010, Michigan adopted a new drinking and driving law referred to as the “super drunk” law. The law states that if you were caught drinking and driving and your blood alcohol level was that of 0.17 or higher, you can be written a citation for super drunk. The punishment can be much harsher than that of the DUI/OWI charge. The penalty for being convicted of the super drunk law is up to 180 days imprisonment as opposed to the DUI/OWI penalty of 93 days.

Recently Gov. Rick Snyder signed new legislation that would now allow local municipalities to enforce the super drunk law. Before this legislation took effect, police officers were not allowed to write citations for the super drunk law under their local ordinances because the city attorneys did not have the authority to prosecute such offenses where the punishment exceeded 93 days of incarceration. These types of cases would have to be written under state law.


Now with the city attorney having the ability to handle super drunk cases, the cases could proceed much quicker. A portion of the fines collected would be given back to the municipality in which the offense took place.

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