Will I go to jail for a first offense drunk driving


The most common question I’m asked when I get retained on a first offense DUI is, “Will I get jail time?” The answer is probably not. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, jail should not be given for a first offense so long as an experienced, fearless and passionate OWI defense attorney represents the defendant. 


Zealous and effective representation is more critical than you may think. Although many judges rarely give jail to a first offender, unless certain circumstances exists, some judge’s are inclined to give jail time or excessive, burdensome and expensive conditions of lengthy probation. The financial cost and time commitment for therapy, impact panels, testing, alcohol tether, community service, probation appointments, court reviews, and other terms and conditions of probation can be oppressive. The best DWI lawyers spend time not just making sure their client’s stay out of jail but they also put forth maximum effort to minimize the terms and conditions of probation that can set a defendant up for failure.


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