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Alcohol Tether Definition

A device used to monitor a person’s alcohol consumption by measuring the amount of alcohol in their sweat is known as an alcohol tether. Utilizing transdermal alcohol monitoring technology, it is typically worn on the ankle or wrist and detects alcohol molecules in the user’s sweat.

Using a sensor in contact with the user’s skin, the device detects the presence of alcohol in their perspiration. If alcohol is detected, the monitoring agency can take appropriate action, such as notifying the user’s probation officer or requiring them to take a breathalyzer test.

Alcohol tethers are frequently imposed as a condition of probation or parole for those convicted of alcohol-related crimes, such as DUIs or public intoxication. They can also be utilized as part of a treatment program for those with alcoholism.

In recent years, alcohol tethers have become increasingly popular as a means of monitoring individuals’ alcohol consumption without requiring them to attend in-person meetings or undergo testing. Concerns exist regarding the precision and dependability of these devices, as well as the possibility of false positives and other errors.

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