Alternate Elector Mari-Ann Henry Committed No Crime

NEWS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

August 3, 2023

Southfield, MI. – Mari-Ann Henry, 65, is one of 16 co-defendants charged by the Michigan Attorney General with four 14-year felonies and three 5-year felonies. The AG has highly publicized its “fake electors” prosecution and falsely claims that Mrs. Henry conspired with others to fraudulently overturn the 2020 election. The Ingham County Prosecutor’s office already reviewed the facts of this case and recommended against prosecution. They determined that Mari-Ann and the other alternate electors did not commit forgery and never intended to commit fraud.

“The local Republican party granted Mari-Ann the ceremonial honor of serving as an elector because of her decades of public service, her deep love for the United States of America, and her abiding devotion to the Constitution,” said attorney George MacAvoy Brown. “The government’s claim that she attempted to subvert the will of the voters and undermine an election is spurious and unsupported by the facts.”

Mari-Ann is a loving and adoring wife, mother, grandmother, and pillar of the community. She has been a precinct delegate since 2008, was elected Treasurer of the Oakland County Republican Executive Committee, and has served as Secretary, Treasurer, and President of the Greater Oakland Republican Club. Mari-Ann was also elected Treasurer and Vice-Chair of the 8th Congressional District Republican Committee and was nominated by that committee to be a Republican presidential elector in 2020.

Mrs. Henry is represented by LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., in Southfield, Michigan. She is falsely accused, has pleaded not guilty, and looks forward to being acquitted.

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On behalf of Ms. Henry, our team is committing to fighting our client’s rights to protect her from these false, unfounded fake elector charges.

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