“I’m wrongfully accused of a crime! Now, what do I do?”

If you are wrongfully accused of a felony or misdemeanor offense, do not take the allegations lightly. Your best defense against a wrongful conviction is a strong, experienced defense lawyer.

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Facing charges for a crime you did not commit is stressful and scary.

Individuals wrongfully accused of a crime often fail to hire aggressive legal representation, figuring that the prosecution will drop the charges because they are innocent. Unfortunately, this idealistic approach has caused many innocent citizens to pay for crimes they did not commit. Weekly, we read in the news about someone who was found innocent after spending decades in prison. These individuals were found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” even though they were 100% innocent of the charges.

How you proceed immediately following a criminal charge or allegation is vital. Ask any attorney, and they will advise you not to speak to the police without a lawyer, even if you are innocent and have nothing to hide. People who aren’t guilty often feel they must defend themselves or prove their innocence by helping the police. When someone points the finger of blame at you, your first inclination is to explain what happened or proclaim your innocence to the police. We advise against it. Any perceived inconsistencies in your story will be used against you in a court of law later. A detective or agent can interpret a facial expression or body movement as a sign of guilt, even if you are wrongfully accused of a crime.

Are people wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes in the United States?

Unfortunately, people in the United States are wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes. While our founding fathers signed a criminal justice system to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, it is not perfect, and mistakes can and do occur.

There have been many cases of individuals who were wrongfully convicted and later exonerated, often after spending many years in prison. These cases can occur for various reasons, including mistaken eyewitness identification, false confessions, flawed forensic evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, and inadequate legal representation.

According to the National Registry of Exonerations, there have been more than 2,800 exonerations in the United States since 1989, with many of these cases involving individuals wrongfully convicted of serious crimes like murder or rape. These exonerations have often revealed flaws in the criminal justice system and led to reforms to reduce the risk of wrongful convictions.

You have a constitutional right to remain silent.

Use it! Talking to law enforcement is a lose-lose proposition. There is nothing to be gained. As the saying goes, “anything you say can and will be used against you.” Because you run the risk of innocently incriminating yourself, hire a lawyer. Individuals wrongfully accused of a crime often feel they can talk themselves out of charges if they talk with the police and tell their side of the story. Although this seems sensible, the reality is that agreeing to speak with the police without a lawyer is the greatest mistake a person can make under these circumstances. If you believe the police are investigating to find the truth, you’re mistaken. If the police want to speak with you, they probably assume you are guilty and are building a case against you. Regardless of what you say, they will twist your words to make it seem like you incriminated yourself or, at the very least, acted suspiciously. Do not be fooled or manipulated by a “friendly” officer into thinking they “just want to help.” If the police are interested in talking with you, consult with an experienced defense lawyer immediately.

What else can a lawyer do to help you if you are wrongfully accused of a crime?

If you are wrongfully accused of a crime, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can start building your defense before you face charges. An excellent lawyer might be able to keep you from being charged by stepping in early and being proactive. Even if you are responsible for committing a criminal offense, the prosecution may charge you with a more severe crime than truthful facts justify. Criminal allegations are frequently dramatized and exaggerated by purported victims. A pre-charge criminal defense attorney can do a great deal before charges are issued to improve your situation and limit the damage if you face charges in court.

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The counsel and experience of a trustworthy, competent attorney can make all the difference if you are wrongfully accused of a crime. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., one of Michigan’s top legal firms, has helped thousands of clients through every step of the process. Too many individuals do not even know when they are being asked illegal questions or fall prey to unfair interrogation techniques. We protect you. We fight for you.

The government occasionally accuses innocent people of crimes like assault and battery, domestic violence, OWI, financial crimes, and rape daily. If you are found guilty, these crimes carry the potential for jail or prison time. Prosecutors usually won’t drop charges, even if the accuser comes forward and says they lied or exaggerated. A mere arrest can cause the accused to lose their job or damage their reputation. The Criminal Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. can help you avoid a potential loss of freedom and the financially devastating consequences of charges or a conviction.

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