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I was inspired to post this blog by the multitude of telephone calls I receive from various people facing jail time as a result of felony and misdemeanor charges and convictions in Oakland County, Wayne County, Macomb County and throughout Southeastern Michigan.  Although I cannot take everyone’s case, I am asked frequently, “Should I be going to jail for this offense? Are there any alternatives to jail that my lawyer should be exploring? Will I have to do time?”  I wish these answers were easy and I could just take every case and help everyone who is being railroaded in the various Circuit and District Court but that is not possible. 


Controversy surrounds the use of incarceration as a significant response to crime. It is an expensive approach that in too many cases has underperformed on reliable measures of effectiveness.  Sometimes, those returned to the community are “worse off” after a period of confinement than  when they entered.  For county jails, the problem of cost and recidivism are exacerbated by budgetary constraints and various state mandates.  Due to the inability of incarceration to satisfy long-term criminal justice objectives and the very high expenditures associated with the sanction, policymakers at various levels of government have sought to identify appropriate alternatives that are better able to address the crime problem in a more cost-effective manner.


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Alternatives to jail that can be discussed with your attorney are as follows:


·         Work Release

·         Virtual Work Release

·         Alcohol Tether

·         In-Patient Drug Treatment

·         Out-Patient Drug Treatment

·         Delayed Sentence

·         Holmes Youthful Training Act (may include jail but frequently not)

·         Domestic Violence Statute (MDL 769.4a)

·         Community Service

·         Increased Fine/Costs

·         Faith Based Treatment Programs

·         Military Service

·         Ignition Interlock

·         GPS Tether/Telephone Tether

·         Day Reporting Centers

·         Drug Courts

·         Home Detention

·         Intensive Probation Supervision