Repay the cost of prosecution? Didn’t I already pay in my taxes?

Costs of prosecution are routinely added to a criminal sentence, which can result in excessive restitution and set the defendant up for failure.

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The Michigan Court of Appeals has determined that the costs of prosecution, as determined for reimbursement by a defendant, are limited.

Most counties and communities in Southeastern Michigan have laws allowing the prosecution to recoup its costs from criminal defendants. These laws have taken advantage of criminal defendants almost since their inception. Prosecutors have asked and received reimbursement for their services, as well as the services of police officers. This amounts to being paid twice for the same services.

The Michigan Court of Appeals addressed the issue of blanket reimbursement. The Court decided that the actual costs of the prosecution that go over and above the maintenance and functioning of governmental agencies qualify as a reimbursable cost of prosecution. The standard operating expenses of the police departments and prosecutor’s office cannot be charged to a criminal defendant.

Most criminal defense attorneys do not contest what items can be appropriately charged to the client and what cannot. These costs can routinely reach hundreds of dollars and thousands in more significant cases. The contesting of inappropriate costs of prosecution can save a lot of money for the client.

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