What is the cost of a criminal defense lawyer?

To answer the question of How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney? An honorable criminal defense attorney will take into consideration several factors before quoting a fee for their services.

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Your case is unique and a lawyer should take the time to learn about your situation.

Items that a criminal defense lawyer should consider are details relating to the present charge, any prior criminal history, and the time and resources needed for a solid, strategic defense before quoting a fee. You then decide what’s important to you and how much you are willing to spend on your defense.

Paying a Flat Fee or an Hourly Rate

Figuring out how much does it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney may depend on two types of fee agreements.

A flat fee is an amount of money paid regardless of how much time the lawyer spends defending your case. Often, the fee is paid at the initiation of the contract. This financial arrangement allows work to be performed on a client’s case immediately and throughout up to the disposition of the matter. There are no starts and stops of work dependent upon collecting payments from the client. One of the best advantages of paying a flat fee is that the client knows upfront, with no hidden charges, what it will cost to obtain the most favorable outcome.

An hourly rate may seem attractive because there is a perception that payments might be easier to manage instead of a flat fee. There are many pitfalls though. The full resources of the firm cannot be dedicated to a client’s case until funds are collected. It should go without saying that a lack of funds means the progress on the case must come to a halt until more money is received. Also, the bill can rack up very quickly, and a monthly invoice will have your head spinning with “sticker shock.”

Highly complex matters, usually federal cases, can only be handled on an hourly basis because it is impossible to predict the exact time needed.

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Low-Cost Attorneys or Public Defenders

Low-cost attorneys offer cheap rates for many reasons. Perhaps the attorney is just starting in their practice and needs bargain prices to attract clients. Other lawyers may purely value quantity over quality, promising a cheap, quick fix. Unfortunately, some attorneys simply don’t want to work that hard on a case and will charge a nominal fee because, shamefully, their agenda is to put in minimal work to gain a quick resolution to your matter whether it or not it is your best option.

Public defenders have relatively large caseloads, and you will not have time to discuss much if anything, with them before your court hearing. Often, you won’t have a relationship with the public defender, and you will not be given the attention you may need and deserve. There are even times when a client may not like their public defender, and switching to a new one is nearly impossible. The only sure way to get the lawyer of your choice is to retain a private attorney.

Area of Expertise and Reputation

An attorney that specializes in a particular area of law means that they have exclusively practiced in that specific aspect of law for a multitude of years. It would not be logical to hire a personal injury attorney to defend a client charged with a criminal offense. You want legal counsel that is an expert with your type of charge and how it relates to the law and the court system. The Internet, along with social media, is a reliable method of checking out the performance and successes of any attorney you are thinking of hiring. Client testimonials give great insight as to whether a criminal defense attorney has been victorious or failed with his or her representation of their client.

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The Formula to Help You Decide How Much It Does Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are many options out there, and selecting an exceptional criminal defense attorney can be difficult. How much does it cost to hire a criminal defense attorney? The real question is, how much will it cost you not to hire a great attorney? The money that you’re spending is for the protection of your rights, freedom, and future.

The Defense Team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. will consult with you and advise how best to help you. A reasonable flat fee is charged proportionately to your case. You will know what the costs for your defense are upfront with no surprise charges in any way whatsoever. There will be constant attention given to your case by highly skilled staff attorneys. Our specialized criminal defense attorneys have decades of experience successfully defending clients that have been charged with felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses. LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. also has a strong and positive Internet presence due to multiple glowing client endorsements.

If you would like to discuss how much it will cost to hire a criminal defense attorney for your matter, simply contact the defense team with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C. 

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