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Defendant Needed Help After Sentencing

Defendant filed a motion stating that the prosecutor had failed to disclose information that could have been used to discredit a witness.

Penalty_Retail_Fraud_MichiganBales v Bell, decided in June, 2015, involved a defendant who needed help after sentencing.  The case involved a criminal sexual conduct case from the Michigan state courts.  After defendant was convicted he filed a motion stating that the prosecution did not disclose information that would have impeached a government witness.  The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals decided that where “the undisclosed evidence merely furnishes an additional basis on which to challenge a witness whose credibility has already been shown to be questionable or who is subject to extensive attack by reason of other evidence, the undisclosed evidence may be cumulative, and hence not material.”  The Court of Appeals affirmed the conviction.

This is a bad decision.  There was no sanctioning of the government for failing to provide the information.  There was no consideration given to many of the questions that often pop up in trial work.  Would that information made the difference between a conviction and acquittal?  That is not up to the Court of Appeals.  This is a jury decision.

Unjust results are more common than you may think and this is why, when you are facing a trial, you need the best and most experienced trial lawyers available.  The most experienced criminal defense attorney would be aware that there could be inappropriate actions taken by the government and take corrective action to protect you.



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